Health Resources: Holidays can be Tough maybe this could Help

frown 2There are at least two sets of emotions present during the Holidays. The fun and excitement of preparation and the underlying exhaustion, tension and stress that rides freely along, trying to hide in the back of your mind.

The first step is to know that it is normal.

We probably spend a little too much money when we’re not getting raises, and everything from food to energy prices are becoming almost unaffordable.

Then—there is Family.  Or lack of family.  Or dreams of “how it should be.”

This is enough to depress even the toughest of us.

And all of this comes at a time when we, as part of the animal kingdom, should do what many of the other animals do—hibernate or fly south.  Just knowing that this back and forth routine of happy/sad is normal for many of us can be a comfort.

If you feel you could use some support, here are a couple steps you can take:

The University of Pennsylvania offers a Stress Management Program. Directed by Michael Baime and Scott McBride, the program provides you with tools and techniques that can last a lifetime—and you can always return for tune-ups.

For more information please call 215-615-2774

Or email


PENN Program for Mindfulness

Mindfulness-Based Tools for Living

Phone: 215 615 2774

Fax: 215 615 2729


If you feel you’ve exhausted psychology and psychiatric options, try the National Mental Health Association at

They have information and immediate help (even a crisis line to help find treatment, support groups, insurance questions and clinical trials)

Clinical trials:

are helpful for those who feel what they have tried is not working anymore.  Clinical trials are free. They offer a wide range of new treatments that have not yet been approved, but it does not mean it’s risky.  Many are treatments like therapy and brain scans vs. no therapy and brain scans.  Or, for example, the use of magnets in treating depression.

To find a trial in your area, go to the National Institute of Mental Health and for patient recruitment:

GO HERE FIRST —- THE EASIEST site — where you can write in your city and ANY medical problem, go to:

This site holds information for almost 90,000 trials in 171 countries.

The University of Pennsylvania has many, many clinical trials now. In fact, there are over two thousand studies seeking clients in Pennsylvania.

Image of the human brain is from:

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