Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday to Five Friends!

I  wanted to wish a Happy Birthday to five friends of

Christmas is a rough day to have as a birthday, but,

Nicole, Thor, Harry,  Michelle and Sandy, Happy Birthday!

Santa has been here and now the day begins!

Despite the economy and the state of the world we all have many things to celebrate, to be thankful and grateful for.  I have had challenges this year as we all have, but it is Christmas, and I for one am thankful for time with my family, friends, and all the friends I have reconnected with on FaceBook.  The challenges of the year are behind us and we will live our way into our futures.

May your days and nights be filled with happiness, optimism, purpose, faith, courage, sensitivity, caring, and compassion all fueled by love.  As John Lennon said “Love is the answer and you know that for sure.”

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Be well!

“Love is the answer and you know that for sure.” Is from John Lennon’s song Mind Games.

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