I Love the Laundromat!

Clean and friendly!

I just got back from the Laundromat and it is a great place.  I hear a lot of folks complain about going there to do their laundry but in my view it has many advantages.  Today I walked in and there was the Swedish Bikini team washing their uniforms and towels.  OK, OK I want to be serious about this and already I’m joking.  I was the only guy in the place with 6 ladies – what a great place to meet women!  They may not be bikini models but GQ isn’t pounding down my door to get me to do the cover of their magazine, either.

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I talked two of the ladies and it was delightful.  So there are two reasons for me to love the Laundromat – but here are some more.  My Laundromat has:

  1. Lots of washers and dryers – I can do all my laundry in an hour.  When I had the machines at home it was always an ongoing time wasting process, never ending.
  2. My Laundromat has free Wi-Fi so I can surf the net and do email and stuff on my iPhone or laptop.
  3. There is a coffee shop and a McDonalds next door and I love coffee – but I can’t eat McDonalds food anymore although it sometimes calls my name.
  4. My Laundromat has a bathroom, sinks, snack machines and is very clean.
  5. It had free complimentary newspapers which were gone today – they said they were taken out because people would stop in for their free newspapers on the way to work and the papers were gone for Laundromat  customers.

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Here are my Laundromat/laundry suggestions:

  1. Before you leave for the Laundromat get ready – get your clothes, your supplies and change together.  Also if you have any stains on your clothes I use dish detergent and only a drop on the stain – I figure if it can clean a dish it can clean a shirt.
  2. Sorting clothes in my opinion is a waste of time – except when you are bleaching some whites.  Water is water, soap is soap and unless you have some fancy clothes that will bleed you should be OK.  I am not wearing clothes that changed color in the wash.
  3. Get in and get the stuff in the washer before you do anything else and as you do it scope out where the dryers are.
  4. Once you have the stuff in the washer you can visit with other Laundromat folks – today I talked with Chrissy (her real name) for a while and it was fun, we had a good time.
  5. When someone you are talking with is folding their clothes it is OK to continue talking but when under garments are being folded that is time to excuse yourself and check on your stuff.  Folding underwear in front of strangers in awkward, so be cool.
  6. Push the cart right up to the front of the washer when you empty it out and make sure you get it all – socks and other small items like to hide on the side of the drum until the next user bring them home or you find the wet item when you are leaving – so double check the washer when you are done with this phase.
  7. Put the stuff in the dryer heavy stuff with heavy stuff and light stuff with light stuff – the light stuff will dry first and you can fold it while the heavy stuff continues to dry.
  8. If you are like me – when the discussions with others are done and you have gotten a phone number is you wanted it is time to finish the laundry task.  I reach a point where the heavy stuff is dry and maybe not completely – you can add another quarter to continue your conversation if you like or I reach a point if there is no conversation going, that the laundry is “Dry Enough”
  9. Once we are done or “Dry Enough” make sure that you have all your items out of the washer – some clothes are very clever and hide well enough that you miss them the first check – then make sure that nothing is left in the dryer or on a folding table – and you are done!  Enjoy the rest of your day and be grateful all your laundry is done in one shot and you may have met/made a new friend or two!

If you need to do your laundry and are in Doylestown this is the place to go.  They also have a Dry Cleaners and a Car Wash.

Kidd Glove Laundromat

565 North Main Street, Doylestown, PA 18901-3921

(215) 348-3335

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