Steve Kimock, Guitar Player Extraordinaire

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Guitar music, I love it, I have 2 guitars myself, I hardly ever play and when I do I play, it sounds as though I hardly ever play.  Like anything else, if you want to be good at something, you need to practice.  I do have some favorite guitar players, though, I guess we all do.  These guitar players that we like are usually associated with a band.  And, depending how big the band was, and how into the band we were, we knew the guitar player’s and other member’s names.  I will always be a fan of the Grateful Dead, they had exceptional musicians, their lead guitar player was Jerry Garcia. Jerry was a magical guy with many gifts, he could play guitar, banjo, steel pedal all with his own style and flare.  If you liked him you probably loved him.  Some of the guitars Jerry played were made especially for him, by craftsmen who made guitars for gifted players. These craftsman made their guitars specifically for players who could play their guitars well.  Jerry fit into this category for a couple excellent craftsmen, one named Doug Irwin and another guy named Stephen Cripe.  Stephen Cripe also made guitars that were and are played by Steve Kimock.  I read somewhere that Steve Kimock was Jerry Garcia’s favorite unknown guitar player.  At the show that Steve Kimock played the week after Jerry Garcia’s death, Steve referred to Jerry as “Our Captain”, they had love and respect for each other.

After Jerry died and the remaining members of the Grateful Dead started touring, they asked Steve Kimock to fill Jerry’s slot.  That shows and demonstrates how skilled Steve is.  He is unknown to some, but is talented enough that he should be known by the many.  The other day I had my phone out and a friend of mine and asked who my pictured on my phones wallpaper.  It was Steve Kimock and I told him so.  He said, I never heard of him.  So, I gave him the story about Steve and he said he would check him out.  People need to hear about this guy, he is GREAT!  He has been in so many bands and he tours all the time with his band and other musicians.  He is a master of improvisation and plays many different styles.  He does interviews and guitar workshops, goes on Jam Cruises with his wife and kids.  I recently saw him with a group comprised of musicians from 3 other bands and Steve played guitar in this combo called the CB-3.  It was in a small club and when the show was over I walked down to the stage and said hello to Steve, shook his hand and thanked him for the performance.  If you ever have the opportunity to hear Steve Kimock in any band or venue, I suggest you give him a listen.  You can hear snippets of songs and buy songs or albums on the iTunes Music Store.  You can also purchase many CDs of Steve in various groups, of which I have listed a few of below, from Amazon.

Steve has been in many bands, and his skill on guitar always stands out.  I suggest you listen to some of these bands to appreciate this virtuoso.  Steve was in Zero, Heart of Gold Band, Billy Goodman with Steve Kimock, some Kingfish, The Steve Kimock Band and others.

You can listen to several streaming audio songs on Steve’s site at:

Steve Kimock Band latest album is Eudemonic, find it here at amazon.

You will really enjoy this, so give it a listen now!

Be well!

Kimock music and stuff at Amazon!


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