Small Kitchen Appliances should be Simple to Use and Function Well

Several years ago I broke the carafe from my coffee maker.  I could not find a carafe that would replace the one I broke, easily.  So, I opted to purchase a whole new coffee maker.  My original coffee maker was an older one, no frills, you put the coffee in the filtered brew basket, added water and turned it on and in five to ten minutes you had coffee.  I like no frills appliances in the kitchen, so when I was going out to get a new one, I wanted something simple. A model of coffee maker that had replacement carafes available, in case I broke the new carafe.  And, hopefully it was on sale.  I found a circular in the newspaper for Linens `N Things and they had a coffee brewer on sale for $24.99 with a $20 dollar mail in rebate.  I also had 20% off 1 item coupon so when all was said and done the item was for free.  I feel badly about this since Linens `N Things went out of business due to bankruptcy, but, I still liked getting that deal.  (Linens `N Things is back in business now as The New Linens `N Things, and I’m glad to hear it!)  The coffee maker I purchased that day was made by Black & Decker, the model is a 12 cup SmartBrew.  It brews my coffee fast, the glass on the carafe is thick and there is a metal band around it at the bottom of the handle that reinforces it and it is simple, it pours the coffee well, it has no clocks or timers or other unnecessary stuff.

At the time this was on sale, Linens `N  Things was also having the same deal on 3 other Black & Decker small kitchen appliances.  A blender, which I needed.  An iron that I figured I could use in the event that I needed to iron something, I haven’t used it to this day.  And, a small convenient DustBuster vacuum, I already had one of these, so I passed on this.  I purchase the blender, which has served me well, I’m eating better and you can make a good healthy shake in this CrushMaster blender.  It can crush ice and has many speeds, and it is simple to use, push the button and pow, you are in business.  As for the iron, which, I purchased, I can assume that it is a good appliance as well, it’s a Press’n Dress iron, which is made by Black & Decker.  I’m a guy, I have not used the iron yet, I iron only as a last resort and in emergencies, but I have it should the need arise, so, I am prepared.

When I was a kid I had some Black & Decker tools, a power drill and a sabre saw and I still use them today, 35 years later.  I doubt that my coffee maker will be around in 35 years, but I doubt I will be either.  I bet the blender will be and if I don’t use it the iron that definitely will be.  OK, OK, in all seriousness I would recommend these Black & Decker small kitchen appliances to anyone.  You probably won’t get the deal I got on them, but you won’t be disappointed with them either.

Be well!

I bought these Black & Decker small kitchen appliances at Linens `N Things, but they are also available at Amazon, as well, check out the links below.

coffee maker

My coffee maker:   Black & Decker DCM2000W SmartBrew Coffeemaker


My blender:  Black & Decker CrushMaster 12 Speed Blender with Glass Jar


My iron:   Black & Decker AS870 Press ‘N Dress Iron

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