has a New Logo, It Suggests Friendly Sharing is growing and evolving.

We have more articles and more topics with more writers and contributors.

We are having fun, Bob LeFish is working full time and he will be doing video commentary soon, Bonnie is always coming up with breaking news and creative suggestions, and many other things are happening!

Good and exciting things!

This week we had a logo developed that modified and replaced the clip art logo we were using on our pages, here and on FaceBook.  We wanted something new which encompassed the idea of friendship and suggestions.  We liked the idea of a handshake and our friend and an illustrator, Sandy Gerger had the idea of the “speech balloon” which is what sharing ideas and suggestions is all about and suggests. is a place where all of us can teach and tell each other our tricks and tips, recipes and stories, to accomplish countless things in our lives.  Enough said, here is the new logo, feel free to comment in the reply box and thanks to Sandy for her help.

Sandy is available for illustrations and art work, feel free to contact her at:

Sandy Gerger • Design and Illustration

phone: 215-491-4659 • email:

see her work here •

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