A Poem for Martin Luther King Day

Photography by Peter Tobia



I bought the black kid in the laundromat a popsicle for .50 cents.
I don’t know his feelings, but he said thank you, and we just talked at intervals about basketball, baseball, etc.
He was washing his sneakers and I thought it was the only thing to say.

I gave the black kid, who was short a quarter the .25 cents.
Maybe I was taken, but maybe he didn’t have any money.
The cashier, he told me it was standard procedure for “them.”
“Yeah, they’ll do it every time,” he said.

I don’t care for spare change too much these days because I have holes in both my pockets.

Martin Luther King Day
January 18, 2010 ©2010 Peter Tobia

Peter Tobia is a photographer based in Philadelphia.

If you would like to see his work or contact him here is his information:











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