Do Yourself & Earth a Favor with a Water Pitcher

I live in a little apartment in a historic Pennsylvania town, where I have city water.  That’s city water not sh@*%y water!  I have used this water for years and never really thought about not drinking it, well maybe once or twice.  The city water has a chemical taste, but it’s not too bad.  Crazy, huh, not too bad!  So, I like many of us get bottled water.  You know the kind you buy in a convenience store by the bottle or at the grocery store by the case.  Individual plastic bottles to recycle, and if they’re not recycled they fill up the landfill, or worse yet, bottles that litter the roadside as plastic debris.

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Last year I was thinking about my city water more and more. I began to want to get a filter.  So for Christmas, since I am hard to buy for, I asked for one of those Brita filtering pitchers.  My sister was happy to get it for me, and she got me extra filters. She was happy because she was off the hook as far as getting me something I didn’t want and had no use for.  Thanks Jer!

I started using it.  And I am amazed at how much better the water tastes! I don’t know if it is just in my head, but this is the best water I think I have ever tasted.  You take the filter, soak it for 15 minutes, and then you put it in the pitcher with its holding device, fill and empty the pitcher a few times to get rid of loose carbon.  After that fill it with cold water and put it in the refrigerator and WHALA! I drink this water and I can’t believe the difference, it tastes ssssooooooo good.  The pitcher’s filters are good for many refills to the pitcher.

The benefits are:

1. This may be the best water I have ever tasted!

2. You are saving money not buying those plastic little bottles.

3. You have less to recycle.

4. You most likely will drink out of a glass instead of plastic.

5. You will not be adding to the landfill and having a bottle you drank out of taking centuries to breakdown in that landfill or the side of a road somewhere.

6. You can feel good, drinking clean, clear water that tastes great and knowing that you are doing something good for the environment at the same time.

Be well!

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Please help us by shopping at Amazon through this link! Thank you!

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