Bob LeFish: Crap!, First a Makeover and Now Voice Lessons!

Bob here, you know Bob LeFish! The fish who is getting the makeover which he does not need! I guess if it makes the human (Hal) happy, I’ll do it.  If there is anyone who needs a makeover it’s Hal!  He wears jeans, t-shirts, and sweatshirts and looks the same to me, everyday!  I have beautiful fins all around me, I can change my colors without changing clothes!  I can puff out my gills and look mean and aggressive.  I have a lot of different looks and I am the one getting the makeover!?!?

Hal is being pretty nice to me during this makeover period.  Lots of meals, with worms and flakes.  My pal Mike DePleco is diggin’ it too.  Hey, there is one ugly fish there, how come he doesn’t need a makeover.  Hal says after the makeover is done he is going to take me to voice lessons.  What a waste, I can sing already he should listen to himself when he sings.  If anybody needs voice lessons it is Hal and Mike, not me!  I could teach them how to sing!  Mike, I bet he would be able to learn, but humans are tough to teach anything , they think they know everything already.  I’d start them out with something simple and see how it went from there.

The bottom line for me is whatever this moron (Hal) want’s to do is fine. I’ll play along as long as the flakes and worms keep coming.  I will go to the singing lessons and see what happens.  Hey maybe I could sing the Star Spangled Banner at the Super Bowl!  Anyhow, these times are tough all over, not just on Wall Street and Main Street, but in every fish tank from here to Hoboken.  I guess like so many others, fish and humans, I am re-inventing myself.  Luckily I have a lot of skills to build upon, and of course, I am a fish!

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Enjoy!  And remember that fish are not food!  Have a steak or some chicken instead!

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