Apple Computer is Changing the World and We Like It!

Many people are talking about the iPad! You know the “tablet” that Apple Computer announced a few days ago.  It will be available in several months, and I think this is a good thing! This time will give Apple and application developers time to work some of the bugs out and get it ready for the rest of us, you know the “general population.”  In case you did not know, I am a Mac Guy, I love Apple and all they do!  Enough, said! I, like the rest of the world are always amazed at what Apple comes out with.  They truly are one of the major innovators of technology.  They make products, devices and decisions that change all of our worlds.  Let’s take a look. . . .

Computers used to display just lines of code or text, with no mice and no graphics.  Apple got busy and a mouse appeared and then there were basic graphics.  Apple gathered some ideas from others and others gathered ideas from Apple.  The competition to provide improvements is and was fierce.  Apple developed the Mac and Microsoft came out with Windows.  Then as time went on many improvements and operating system upgrades occurred.  Computers got faster and faster and the still are getting faster everyday!  Things happen very quickly now.  Apple is the catalyst for much of the innovation and its pace.

Other products that Apple has created, have improved and changed our lives.   The iPod changed how we listen music, at first, and now it is doing the same with how we watch video and internet content.  The iPhone is an integrated computer like device that is a phone and much, much more.  Apple has the iTunes music store which changed how we purchase entertainment,  you can access and buy tons of videos, music, TV shows, and new things are being added everyday.

And now the iPad, these geniuses at Apple, have made a device that is going to change how we read, sure there are some other devices that you can read on, but they do not have the power and scope of the iPadApple is changing the world, they changed how we compute, they changed how we listen to music and watch video and TV, they changed how music and other entertainment is purchased, and now the are changing, I mean real change, in how we will read our books and publications.  We will see people on iPads, reading their morning newspaper, reading trade magazines, reading books, students will have text books they can download for their classes to the iPad.  The future is unwritten, but Apple will have a big part writing it! Bravo for your innovation Apple, keep up the good work!

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