Bob LeFish Hears about Bobsledding and Demands to Go

Bob LeFish loves the snow!  He demanded that he be taken snow sledding!  I have a small sled, I mean really small and it fits him perfectly.  I don’t know about this, but he insisted.  I was afraid he would become frozen fish.  But he said he would be OK and he wanted to do it!  He evidently overheard a commercial for the Winter Olympics, where they were talking about bobsledding.  He heard Bob sledding as in Bob LeFish sledding.

Oh Man, here we go again!

I told him he could sled in front of the house and on the porch.  He agreed, so, I took him out of the tank, we got the sled and to the porch we went.  Here he is on the sled enjoying himself!  After several runs he wanted to go inside for some hot chocolate with fish flakes on top, instead of whipped cream!  He know what he likes, I’ll give him that.  He will probably want to go to the big hill tomorrow.  We will see!  Stay Tuned!

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Enjoy!  Bob wanted me to tell you!  Remember that fish are not food!

Have a steak or some chicken instead!

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