Valentine’s Day: Where is The Romance and The Passion?

Well Ladies and Gentlemen it seems like Valentine’s Day is a “Hallmark Holiday” that few celebrate!?!? Is it the economy, is it people were too busy to reply to my emails?  I received a very limited response despite resending the email several times.  Ladies responded more than 2 times more than men did.  Meaning that the ladies care more about Valentine’s Day, expect more on Valentine’s Day, and really want the romance and closeness associated with Valentine’s Day.  I know it is not Christmas but Valentine’s Day used to be a big deal!  I can tell you it is a big deal if you forget to get your lady something for Valentine’s Day!  So I want to thank the men and women that replied to me for this story!  If you didn’t reply, it is not too late, you can reply in the spot below for replies, right below the story!  Have a great Valentine’s Day and. . .

The Ladies!

Dana: A night out with my husband! And a babysitter who will watch my kid for free!

Sue: What I think I would like for Valentine’s Day and would appreciate more than anything purchased, is a love letter. Not a cute card but an honest to goodness, handwritten, why I love you, letter. Yes, that is hokey, but really when do we tell the most important person in our world, our partner, how we truly feel about them. Forget the commercial stuff. I still get a rush from small notes that my husband has left me thru the 28 years of marriage. I have never gotten a full blown love letter, and I could use one. And if it happens to be stuck in my handbag and I find it at work or later in the day, when I least expect it….what a thrill!

Patty Ann: A spa treat is always something I enjoy, since I don’t indulge very often.  I do love to go out for dinner and a movie, also.

Susan: For Valentine’s Day I’d love a gift certificate to my favorite hair salon/spa. My hair salon has specials for Valentine’s Day. eg. a couples massage class for $50.00 a couple. or the one that I like is the $150 gift card with a free $25.00 gift card. My haircuts are expensive so the card is a great gift. And I can get product or a massage, I get to decide how I spend it.

Micha: To have a nice dinner cooked for me (I’m talking meat, veggies, the whole works…) plus not having to clean up afterwards. If somehow dessert can be worked in there, that would be great, too!

Kathy: Definitely jewelry. I would love a heart pendant, but not one of those mass-production ones from Kay Jewelers.  I would also love a romantic dinner, either out at a cozy spot with candlelight, or made at home with some homemade ambience. And don’t forget the dark chocolate 🙂

Lisa: Peace, love and understanding.  And, this cookbook would make a great valentines gift…. it helps to raise $$ for Haiti!  Blog Aid Cookbook see the details, click here.

Sandy: A box of John & Kira’s chocolates, really different and really good, they are in Philly, look it up, click their link and check it out.  And, a new pair of comfy but not dowdy PJ’s

The Men!

Larry: A full body massage!

Jerry: I would like 34 bottles of Merlot for each year we have been married.

Justin: Downtime.  Just a day where I had no obligations or responsibilities, to anyone or anything.  No work, nothing I have to do, no errands, etc.  Just a couch, a remote control and all the worst most tasty food I can imagine.

Phil: An awesome NY Strip served up with a glass of top shelf bourbon

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