Love the Animals: Winter Feeding For Our Outdoor Friends

Now that the snow is frozen hard, take some time to make some healthily well-needed food for the feathery and furry friends who share our world.

Squirrels and birds alike will appreciate any kind of shelled nuts. Birds especially like the easy to take apart shelled unsalted and roasted peanuts.  As you know, squirrels and birds enjoy any kind of bird seed—don’t just keep it to your birdfeeder—throwing on the frozen snow will attract both feathery and furry animals.

To make treats from whatever you have around the house—peanut butter spread on any kind of bread or crackers will help the little guys-both bird and mammal.  This morning I spread peanut butter on tortillas, rolled them up, and cut them into little hand size-pieces.  I’m watching the little squirrels come up and eat and  then run with the little sandwiches in their hands back to the old oak tree where they live.  Try also adding raisins and any other kind of dried fruit or nuts. Cornell Orthonology Lab suggests rolling peanut butter with cornmeal or oatmeal.

Birds and other mammals will eat inexpensive dried cat food—leave it on a plate a little away from your back door.  When there is no snow, provide a bowl of water.  Raccoons, Opossum and occasionally Fox will come by if you leave dried cat food and any leftover human food — but do keep it a distance from your house, as not to invite them inside!

The Cornell Lab of Orthonology,

has a wonderful site with free pdf downloads for winter feeding for birds and squirrels.

For more information and credits :

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