Gardening & Helping Others: Three Ways to Feel Good About Yourself

1. Request a FREE resource guide for bringing nature into children’s lives.  Order it for your children or order it and give it to your friend’s with children. Or order it for your friends who are teachers.  At

2. Join the Arbor Day Foundation for $10.00

As a member, you get 10 FREE trees.

And Two FREE give-a-tree cards. (Each card plants a tree in National Forests)

And a 33-56% discounts on over 100 trees and shrubs.

And a Free Subscription to bi-monthly Arbor Day. (Gardner’s handbook and tree information-in-one guide)

And you’ll receive The Tree Book.

And you’ll be a member of a wonderful organization.

2a. You can also join the Hazelnut Project as a Charter Patron. For $20.00.

You’ll receive THREE hazelnut bushes, which help combat Global Warming.

3. If you are purchasing trees or shrubs, may we suggest, that you first go to the Arbor Day Foundation?  Here are some for examples:

Blue Hydrangea …$2.79 (natural root ½-1’)


Colorado Blue Spruce… $1.99 (1/2 to 1’)


Pussy Willow…(1’to 1 ½’)


Weigela Shrub…$5.49 (1-1/2’)


Japanese Red Maple…$6.98 (1/2’-1’)


Get a FREE resource guide—a comprehensive guide to bring nature into your child’s life.

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