Halloween Safety Suggestions for Your Trick or Treaters

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Halloween safety is important. It is easy to forget about safety when so much is going on at one time.  People in costumes, looking and behaving differently than usual.  The days being shorter and it getting dark earlier.  People, especially children being excited about candy and getting as much of it as possible.  Jaywalking and not crossing the streets safely.  Halloween is fun and if you think about enjoying it safely, you will enjoy it more and avoid bad situations.  Safety takes awareness. When I was growing up we were all over the place trick or treating, if we found a place that gave really good stuff we would try to go back a few times.  Many times the people recognized us and told us that we had been there before.  Back then it was an easier slower time and we could run around like nuts, but now things are faster and different.  The world has changed, we need to be more aware and be safe about what we and our loved ones do.

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You hear about all these crazy things that happen in the news.  I don’t want to belabor the dangers.

So, here are my suggestions for safe trick or treating.

1. Kids, young kids should accompany their parents or trusted adults when trick or treating.  Young kids should be accompanied up to the door of houses.

2. Kids should not go into houses to get the candy or treats.  The exception to this is if the parents go in too and they know the people in the house they are visiting.

3. Parents with a group of kids should do a head count when they start out and periodically do a head check to make sure that everyone is accounted for.  If someone is missing, stop and locate the missing person.

4. Have and use several flashlights with good batteries, so you can see where you are walking and going easily.

5. Flashlights will also show motorists, bicyclists and others that there are people there.  It is hard to see people at night that may be dressing in black or dark clothing.

6. One or more of the adults could wear a fluorescent vest with the glow in the dark stripes that joggers sometime wear at night to be seen.  I met a gal today that said she had a lighting device that she put around her son’s neck last year.  It had some flashing pumpkins on it and it made it easy for her to keep an eye on him.

7. Walk down one side of the street trick or treating and then the other, crossing the street safely one time, instead of zig-zagging from one side of a street to the other.

8. As children get older and more responsible, you can still accompany them but maybe staying a little further back, letting them go to the door on their own with your supervision.

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9. Kids of any age should never trick or treat alone.  There is safety in numbers.  So if your kids are older make sure they go trick or treating with some friends or their brothers and sisters.

10. Have kids, when trick or treating, bring their cell phones and instruct them to answer the phone, if you call, while they are out trick or treating.

11. Whistles, are great! In an emergency a whistle will get attention.  Give a whistle to kids and tell them to blow it in an emergency.  There is so much screaming and playing around while kids are trick or treating.  And, if it all in fun, great!  It is hard sometime to tell the difference between play and real screaming.  So a whistle being blown will prevent real trouble by drawing attention to the bad situation.  People who are doing bad or wrong things are not going to stick around when someone is blowing a whistle, and drawing attention to a bad act.

12. Candy, everyone like candy, if not chocolate then licorice or hard candy or taffy.  There is a candy for everybody, there is even sugarless candy and low fat candy.  If you have a diabetic child that you are aware of, it would be great if you got some sugarless candy for this special occasion for the child.

13. When you all get home and you check out what you’ve got.  Make sure that all the candy and treats are wrapped properly and have not been tampered with.  If you have apples or other fruit you should toss it out, incase someone has tampered with the fruit.  It is sad to think people do this but it is better to be safe than sorry.

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I remember we used to trade candy and other goodies each other, my sisters and I, depending on what we liked.  It was fun, and Halloween trick or treating should be fun.  The above suggestions are to help try and keep you and your kids safe while trick or treating.  I am sure there are some other suggestions for this topic.  Please share them to help everyone enjoy this fun holiday!

Be well!


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