Who likes to shave, not I said the bearded man

For more than half of my life I have had a beard.  I had one in college, I had a big beard and it was all brown hair.  Now that I am older it has turned grey.  My beard makes me look older – since there is no fountain of youth I figured I would shave the beard off.  Oh man, you put the shaving cream on your face and then scrape this multi-bladed monster over your skin in all directions to clear away stubble you can barely see.  You do this till your skin is irritated and red and you are bleeding in some spots.  That is the way shaving has always been for me, I used to call it neck slaughter.

One time, years ago, I got a mirror that was made for in the shower – the idea is that you get your facial hair softened in the shower and then it comes off more easily – hopefully without a blood donation.  Years ago I tried it and the mirror got fogged up so I couldn’t see myself in the mirror, so I grew the beard back.

Flash forward to now – I had to get rid of my beard to look younger, so I looked at Amazon.com for a mirror for the shower.  Well things have improved in the shower mirror department – I got one, it is a Ace Fogless Shower Mirror.

People who reviewed it liked it for the most part, so I ordered it.  I took it out of the package, suction-cupped it to my shower stall, filled the back of the mirror up with hot water, turned the shower on and got in to test it.  The warm water in the back of it heats up the mirror and keeps it clear of fog, amazing!  The mirror got drops of water on it from the shower but did NOT fog up – I got the best shave I have ever gotten.  Maybe if I had found this years ago I would have been beardless or have shaved more often, looking even younger than I did then and do now!

This Ace Fogless Shower Mirror really worked – there is a spray that you can get for the mirror that helps keep it clear of water drops and fog – I  just used it and wiped the drops off – worked like a champ – Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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