Spontaneous Smiley: Smile, You’re Surrounded, It’s Time to Help a Kid

Thousands of people, from all over the world, are photographing and posting photographs of the Smiley Face as it appears in everyday objects to: a website called  www.SpontaneousSmiley.com.  Thousands also participate on Facebook click here!

Beyond sharing their photos and the laughter they elicit, SpontaneousSmiley.com has built a community of people actively seeking to have happier lives by choosing to be happier!

Here’s what it’s all about:  Be porous not Teflon. If you go through life with a Teflon coating, you miss out.  I witness it everyday: People oblivious to the beauty, the smells and the sounds that surround them.

Instead be porous; soak it all up.  Eat your french fries slowly and get every moment of enjoyment out of those calories.  Search for the beauty and joy in the objects and in the activities of your life.  It’s there. Always.  Eyes, ears and nostril open!  Be porous!  Or moments, hours, day, even your whole lifetime can slip by unnoticed.  Decide to notice!

I’ve recently channeled all of this happy enthusiasm into helping Operation Smile.  Every Smiley uploaded earns a $1 donation to provide FREEE surgeries to children with facial deformities.

You’re probably wondering how an artist/school teacher could pull this off!  It has come through the generosity of people stepping up to be our sponsor.  A sponsor pledges to cover the $1 per Smiley until one surgery is earned.  It’s a $240 commitment.

I was the first sponsor, then my Orthodontist, then a woman who uploads Smiley frequently, then a dentist, and so on.  So far we have funded 22 surgeries!

MIGHT YOU BE OUR NEXT SPONSOR? Email Ruth at: ruth@SpontaneousSmiley.com.

Additionally, donations in smaller amounts may be made at: http://tinyurl.com/yzjngar

Editor’s Note: Please do what you can to support this fun website and great cause!  Thanks! FriendlySuggestions.com

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