Speaking Geek: It’s Not Easter Yet, Easter Eggs in Software Applications

Geek speak is how the uninitiated refer to the jargon and special vocabulary used by those immersed in computers and other fields of information technology”

“Geek speak often sounds like normal English that doesn’t quite make sense because familiar words have been given a new meaning.”

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I recently had a problem with my laptop.  I use my laptop for work and the program I needed popped up, not with the expected Adobe Photoshop—but with Adobe Space Monkey.  Whatever I did, my Photoshop would not open—and neither would Space Monkey.  If Space Monkey would have opened—it couldn’t help me either.

Calling some of my colleagues, they all thought I had cracked.  I looked up ”Space Monkey” on Google and was told it was an “Easter Egg.”  Well, what the H ___do I know about that? Is that something that happens THIS TIME OF YEAR?  My friend and coworker told me what “Easter Egg” meant. It is something HIDDEN-like an Easter Egg.

Well, for those of us who DON’T speak GEEK, here’s a website that has a list of more than 50 terms Geeks need to know:

Easter egg- is something hidden inside a program. Not just a computer program or software—but Movies, television shows, music, books, and art.

I have discovered that the Smithsonian Institute has an Easter Egg COLLECTION of CHIP art at http://smithsonianchips.si.edu/chipfun/graff.htm

The world’s largest collection of Easter Eggs is at The Easter Egg Archive at http://www.eeggs.com/ where you can find over 13 THOUSAND Easter Eggs. You can view them and get instructions on how to see them on your own computer.

By the way, Photoshop had to be reinstalled in my computer.

Adobe Photoshop CS—The Easter Egg is a Taconite Man comic strip.


Here’s what’s hidden as an “Easter Egg” inside Adobe Photoshop.

Well, Happy Easter—Early

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