Halloween Costumes are Good Fun for All

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I was never a big Halloween costume wearer, as a kid when candy was in the mix, yeah, but not as an adult.  Don’t get me wrong, I have worn costumes to parties and had fun doing it but it usually takes encouragement from my lady.  In years as a single guy the draw of ladies in costumes at parties has gotten me costumed up and there as well.  One year, just after college my roommates and I had a Halloween party the Saturday after Halloween and we called it Afterween.  It was wild and fun, most people dressed up for the occasion.  I had a trench coat and some old boots and was a fake flasher, several of my friends showed up as flashers as well.  Another year I went to a Halloween party, got gloves, a hat, clothes unlike the ones I usually wear, a bunch of gauze to wrap my neck and head, and sunglasses, I was the invisible man.  I didn’t talk to anyone for the longest time at that party and people would come up to me examine me and ask “who are you?’, it was fun and eventually I let people know who I was and I took off the gauze.  Another year I went as a nerd with my farm girl roommate that is she and I in the black and white picture on the page.

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I always made my own costume, sometimes going to thrift stores to get funny items.  I got my nerd clothing in a thrift shop.  I have bought masks and monster hands for the occasion.  I am a tech guy and on Halloween I would visit people who needed computer help with the monster hands on for fun, most of them got a kick out of it.  When I was a kid my parents loved helping my sisters and me with our costumes.  Both my parents had degrees in theatre so costumes were a fun creative outlet for them.

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A lot of people buy costumes.  Last year a few of we tech nerds from work went to two different costume stores in Philadelphia, costumes were all they sold, costumes and accessories.  Huge stores with costumes to make you look like, a monster, sailor, dice, butlers and literally thousands of other things.  There were suits that you could share with someone else, if you wanted to be a horse or a moose.  That reminds me of a Woody Allen stand up routine from many years ago, Woody talks about shooting a moose, thinking it is killed but it isn’t, so he brings it to a Halloween party in New York City to ditch the moose at the party.  If you ever have the opportunity to hear Woody Allen’s standup of this story, it is hysterical, check it out!  My friends did not buy any costumes at those costume shops that day, they needed to check if what they wanted was OK with their wives.  There are also lots of costumes available at local department and toy stores.  Many pharmacy chains have some items, as well.  There are of course many costumes available on line, so, if you want a large selection that you can see and buy in the comfort of you home or office, check out the links below.

Oh, I almost forgot, I received this email the other day showing dogs in their Halloween costumes, cute and funny.  I looked around on the Internet for costumes for dogs and there are a bunch of them.  Lots of places that sell human costumes sell pet costumes as well.  Here are a couple sites I checked out, maybe they will help you in your quest for a costume for you and your pet.

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Here a place that specializes in costumes and Halloween gear!  BuyCostumes.com!

StarCostumes.com has all kinds of deals and costumes for all occasions.  I suggest you take a look!

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