Google Earth Really Shows Us All, What a Small World It Is!

Have you ever been on Google Earth?  It is really interesting, cool and helpful! Being my age, we have seen these things come about, and some of them are astounding to us.  It boggles our minds, let alone our parents and other elders’ minds.  One of these is Google Earth.  I get a kick out of these things and wonder how many people actually use them.  Is Google Earth something that web surfers look at, check their homes, maybe the homes they grew up in, their shore houses and they are done and they move onto the next thing?

I’m not going to get into some really technical rant about Google Earth.  If I did, by the time it was published, things may have changed with it.  If you have seen it or haven’t you should check it out again because it is always changing.  It is a free download and available for Mac, PC and mobile devices, you can get it here.

Google Earth is full of surprises, and this is why I am writing this.  My longtime buddy Ted, asked me if I had seen it?  I said yes, we used to be neighbors and he asked if I had checked out the old neighborhood.  I said a long time ago, why?  He told me that in “Street View” as we ride down the street my car the “Blue Chariot” was parked in his driveway!  In Google Earth!  And, he jokingly wanted to know what I was doing parked there!  I was surprised, what are the chances?  After he showed me this, I went to my new place and my car wasn’t in the driveway, there!  He then told me about another weird thing he had found.  At the shore, he was on vacation and checked out the site before he went down, and he found a sunken boat in the inlet near where he was staying.  Crazy!

There are innumerable things to be found on the internet, but a sunken boat and my car in a friends driveway!?!?  I guess these things had to be somewhere, but it truly is a small world with many coincidences as well as some weird stuff.  If you have not seen Google Earth go check it out!  There are surprises out there to be discovered, they are waiting for you and they are just a click away!


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