Mike Doughty, A Unique Show: Music, Whit, Humor & Surprises

Mike  Doughty. We go way back… well, not really. I am an avid music fan.  I have been going to the Newport Folk Festival for  15 years.  In 2002 my Newport buddies Melissa and Rachelle and I met Bob Jones.  The infamous curator of the Newport line up.  We quickly decided that the 3 of us would put together line ups for the fest and submit them to our new found friend.  On the list… yes Mike Doughty.  At the time he was way off anyones’ radar.  Well,  we never got a response from Jones.  I had never seen Doughty.

Fast forward. My friend Hal turns me on to a band I don’t know -Soul Coughing.  Turns out my man Mike Doughty is the front man.

Fast forward again, Mike’s CD Sad Man Happy Man is released in 2009.  Quickly becomes my favorite release of the year.    My chance finally came, New Years Eve 2010.    Mike’s playing Mexicali Blues in Teaneck, NJ.  But none of my friends were in to it and I was voted off the island. No Mike Doughty for me.

Finally my opportunity came.  Le Poison Rouge on Bleeker Street, 3/26/10.  A new venue for me.  Turns out to be the old Village Gate.  Now a state of the art “art”  room with impeccable sound.  As I walked in to Le poisson Rouge there was an announcement.  We were encouraged to put a question in the “question jar”.  What was this?  I had no idea.  As Mike Doughty and his side kick “Scrap”  took the stage it became evident.  Mike with his witty, searingly smart lyrics and Scrap with his cello and bass wowed me.  He opened the show with  ‘Tremendous Brunettes’.  Followed by ‘ I just want the girl in the blue dress to keep dancing’.  Then came the question jar. Scrap was directed to plunge his hand in to the jar and read a question.  He chuckled as he read it.  “Pussy or vagina?”, “Would you rather live in Staten Island or Somalia?”, “What is the square root of love?”, and then of course there was ‘The  question’ – a member of the audience popped the question and proposed in front of all of us. The music was as much a part of the show as the “question jar”.  Like a concert and a comedy show in one. Mike’s extreme smart, quick witted responses were fabulous.  He never missed a beat.  As the show went on I was treated to so many songs I was dying to hear (and questions/answers I never imagined).  A unique smile fest of a good time.

The bonus at the end… Mike recorded the show and sold copies on CD to adoring fans on the way out.  Unique is right!


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