Spring is in the Air: Please Welcome Our New Sports Junkie and Writer

Good day all!  What a great time of year! The weather is getting nicer, the days are getting longer, and Spring fever is running wild!  To a sports junkie like myself, Baseball has started, the NHL & NBA Playoffs are getting ready to begin, and Golf’s major Championships will be contested over the next 4 months.  While I did spend some time outdoors yesterday in beautiful Bucks County, PA, I also spent time being the sports junkie that I am.  From Roy Halladay’s complete game victory for the Phillies, to the Flyers’ dramatic “shootout” victory over the New York Rangers on the final day of the NHL season to secure a playoff spot, to Phil Mickelson’s 3rd Masters’ win, it was hard to step away from the TV!

To conclude my day, I couldn’t head up to bed until the conclusion of the Brewers wild “walkoff” victory over the Cardinals on Sunday Night Baseball!  I’ve been following FriendlySuggestions.com for a few months and have been SHOCKED that there hasn’t been much sports chatter.  I’M HERE TO CHANGE THAT AND GET SOME CHATTER GOING! Whether you’re a Philadelphia sports fan or follow teams from other Cities please chime in.  If you follow Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, NASCAR, Golf, Tennis, or ____________ (fill in the blank!), I can “talk” it all! I’ve even followed Professional Wrestling for nearly 30 years!
Keep an eye out for my next post and let the insanity begin!!

Tom Glatz aka Sports Junkie


Tom Glatz, Bucks County, PA

I’ve lived in the Greater Philadelphia Region my entire life and have been watching/following sports since I was 5 years old!  I have grown to love all that is Philly sports – Phillies, Flyers, Sixers, Eagles, Big 5, Army-Navy, etc.  I love talking/chatting sports with those who like or hate the Philly teams.  I tell it like it is, whether in favor of our Phillies or in favor of those DAMN YANKEES!  😀


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