Here’s a Quick Suggestion About How to Get Rid of Cold Sores

I get cold sores also and have recently discovered a miracle cure. It works 1000x’s better than abriva. There is this stuff called colloidal silver. You can find it on line.  When i feel a coldsore popping up, i put the colloidal silver on a cotton ball and hold it on the area and they practically disappear. It also works wonders on bug bites and burns!

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Here is a suggestion from an email filled with suggestions.  A friend sent this and rather than put them up in our “Cool email” category I wanted to add them as Quick Suggestions. They are easier to find that way!  While I have not tried some of these, I would if I needed to.  If you try one let us know how it works or doesn’t work for you, thanks!   Enjoy and Be well!


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