Elvis Costello and the Sugarcanes: College Friends Meet for Declan

Friends of mine from college recently got together for a show. Marilyn, our social coordinator got us all together back in December, after about 25 years of not seeing each other as a group.  The December reunion was great, so we have decided to try and do a quarterly gathering.  So this Elvis Costello and the Sugarcanes was the most recent gathering.  Twelve of us, in NYC to see a man who is a “God” to most of us.  Elvis Costello.  So there were 13 close friend there, in all, if you count Elvis!  I asked everyone to write a sentence, a six word memoir or a paragraph about the show and our gathering the thoughts, ideas and comments are below.  Most replies were received as part of a thread on Facebook, that is how we communicate to our group!  Cool!

Suzy: “College friends. Elvis fans. New memories!”  –  The show was absolutely stunning, and you guys are priceless!  Thanks for a great evening. Can’t wait till next time. Love you all!

Marilyn: Three Dec-ades: Elvis improves with time. And!  Some prefer the angry young man.

Eddy: All I can say is there is nothing in the world more comfortable and joyous than sharing new adventures with dear and long time friends.

Charlie: I am now a Coogan’s Ale devotee and would love to see another show at that Indiana Jones\tomb – like theater again. I pulled out my “Punch The Clock” lp this morning with delight which led to hauling out “Trust” which led to a quick listen of “Chemistry Class.” (I skipped past the Chuck Mangione and Tea For the Tillerman” lps and I was close to throwing them out). I had one the best nights out in years. I am also devoted to all of you.

Tim: One of my personal favorites of the dozens of Elvis Costello concerts I’ve seen over the years has always been April 12, 1984, Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, Pa. It’s no surprise that added to my All Time Favorites list is April 23, 2010, United Palace Theatre, New York City, NY. They were both great shows with unpredictable set lists and both were seen in the company of some of my favorite people in the world. To borrow from an old Stiff Records slogan: he’s not the same; we’re not the same. But some things never change.

Hal: We dear friends, see Elvis again!  –  Cars, trains, subways, sneakers, shoes, desire, friendship, love, planning, reunion, easiness, commonality, music, fun, comradery, fellowship, brought us together.  And then we saw our friend of 33 years, Elvis Costello.  Never disappointed, sometimes amused, always surprised and partially confused – how can one man have such presence, talent and fluidity of tongue and things sung?  A great night with a dozen reasons plus one!

Altamese: Great time with amazing old friends!

Joe: The ornate, United Palace Theatre was stunning inside – almost a cathedral for music with a nod to Rev. Ike. Elvis didn’t disappoint, taking a bouquet of roses given to him by a fan as he walked off stage. He deserved it.


There was in Harlem a show
All twelve from Trenton did go
We met at a pub (even Patty)
I missed most of the show (too chatty)
Ah, but bravo for good friends (and Elvis Costello)!

Chris: yeah, what everybody said. love you all.

Elvis, Patty and Peggy were an-availabe for comment.

By the way: Our next event/gathering is in the works.  We are all going to volunteer at our alma mater, Trenton State College, for the Summer Special Olympics!  It should be great fun!

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