Olympus Digital Voice Recorder makes Saving my Thoughts Easy

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Ideas can come and go, quickly. If you are like me, you need to get the idea down on paper or record it before it is gone.  I have had so many ideas that have been forgotten because I was driving or in the middle of something and I did not get it down somewhere or on tape to store it.  I get ideas as I drive and writing and driving don’t mix.  If you want to live don’t write and drive. I used to record my ideas on tape when I drove but the tape was a pain in the neck.  You could not control where you were on the tape, you would record over stuff you wanted and when you wanted to play some idea good luck finding it on the tape.  I used full sized cassettes and the recorder and tapes were big, bulky and heavy to carry around.

I was out and about, a while back, at my favorite local office supply store (Staples) and I saw some recorders that were on sale in a close out rack.  The gears in my head started turning and since the price was sooooo good, I went for one of the items without doing any homework or investigation on it.  This item was the Olympus VN4100 Digital Voice Recorder, I am very, very happy with this little unit.  It is so handy, small and simple to use, I recommend it to you if you need a digital voice recorder.

Here are some reasons why I recommend this recorder. I recently had some health issues recently and I brought my recorder with me to the Doctor, I told my Doctor that I wanted to record our discussion, he let me and our talking came through loud and clear without any special preparation or us talking loudly.  This way I could listen to it later, since, some stuff that I heard was upsetting to me.  Listening to our discussion later, helped me understand what was up, and I did not miss any of it.  What we were discussing has been fixed and I’m good now, by the way.  I spend a bunch of time driving and when I do, I have this voice recorder with me, and I can just talk the ideas I have, into the recorder.  It automatically separates them into individual snippets of thought and ideas for me, which I can transcribe when I get home.  And, I can erase the recordings one snippet at a time leaving others that I want to keep intact, regardless of the order they are in.  It is simple to use, I never even looked at the manual. It has two jacks one for a microphone (the built in one has been fine for me) and a jack for as earphone, I don’t use earphones but I have used this to port my recordings directly into my Mac.  You could port recordings into a PC as well.  It came with a little case to protect it.  And when you protect it you are protecting your ideas, in a way.  I also like the fact that it uses regular AA batteries, you don’t need to charge it, you change the batteries when it flashes that it is time to change the batteries.

I am sure there is more that can be done with this Olympus VN4100 Digital Voice Recorder but it does what I want and need it to do and it does it well.  I like keeping some things simple and this performs like a champ for me, I highly suggest that if you need a voice recorder the Olympus VN4100 Digital Voice Recorder is worth major consideration!  If you get one and read the manual feel free to add some information to this page.  If you have one and would like to comment about it, I encourage you to do that, as well.  Thanks!

Be well!

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