Shredders Provide Some Security When It Comes to Documents


Shredders are a necessity in today’s world. I probably shred too much stuff, things that don’t really need to be shredded get devoured by the shredder in my house.  I have had 4 shredders in the past six years and the one I have now is a monster.  It would be good for a small business and it is good for a shredding maniac like myself.  My other 3 shredders were light duty and I broke them, each of them several times.  I’d fix them as they broke and then they broke again, so finally I got a more durable and expensive model.  The model I have now was made better and designed to handle moderate duty shredding.  It does not over heat and can shred CDs and DVDs and it makes small pieces of paper out of big ones. These small pieces of paper would be nearly impossible to re-assemble.

I, like we all, have heard stories of people’s identities being stolen. This prevents people from stealing your information the old fashioned way, out of your trash.  The Model Shredder I have is a Staples SPL-710SH, like I said it is a monster and does a really good job but it is loud and discontinued.  I called Staples to see if I could still get this model and they said they updated the technology in shredders every year.  They said the new ones are quieter.  Heaven only know what other technological updates have been added to these things.  They did say, however, that what we used to pay extra for in premium models was now standard in most models.  If I needed a shredder now I would get the Model SPL-TXC12A, it is a Staples 12 sheet cross cut shredder and it is a moderate duty unit.  This unit would work well at home and in small office situations, and it is durable.

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A few final thoughts, there are some really advanced and heavy duty shredders. And if you have a large office or a need to shred many things these might be a consideration.  But shredders can get expensive, up into the thousands of dollars.  These huge expensive shredders are real workhorses and are designed for large businesses.  If you buy a light duty shredder it will work but it will break easily, mine did.  This is why I opted for the medium duty unit and I am really happy with it.  The model that I would buy, should I need one today would be the Staples Model SPL-TXC12A shredder a real value.  It is normally $ 129.99 but at this writing it is on sale now for $ 97.99.  I got mine on sale for about the same price.  I believe they even have an extended warranty available for this unit if you decide to purchase one.

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