Apple’s Safari Browser Adds A New Great Feature for Both Mac and PC

Apple has just released its newest version of their browser Safari! They are up to version 5.0, which is amazing.  Like everything Apple makes, it is setting the standard and making improvements to its hardware and software all the time.  I am writing this because it has a new feature that I really like and think will be very helpful.  Before I get into it, Safari is available for Mac and PC and this awesome feature works on both Mac and PC platforms.

The feature is called Safari Reader! So what is the special deal about this?  Well, when you are on a webpage with a story surrounded by other distracting stuff, like ads, buttons flash videos and so on.  You are able to click on a button in the URL address window “Reader” and the main story comes to the front, in its own window without the distractions.  If you hover your mouse near the bottom of the page, you can read it, enlarge it, reduce the size of it, email it right from the window, print it from here or close the feature right on this preview like window.  When you are in “Reader” mode, the rest of the page goes to black and is moved to the background.  No distractions!  Just everything you need right there!  So enjoy this new feature!  I have been using it since it was available and I highly recommend it!

Apple added additional features to this update of Safari, check their download page for additional details!  This feature “Reader” is the one I wanted to focus on!

If you would like to download this version of Safari, it is available here!

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