Eleanor’s Azalea

Eleanor’s azalea is in bloom

She planted it years before

She could see it, from her sitting room

 Near her front door

Aggie’s trees are growing strong

When I was I boy, she would scold me for climbing them

She would try to convince me that, doing this was wrong

Norman’s Black-eyed Susans are about to pop open

He loved all flowers, and if you asked him he would tell

Of all his plants, garden and yard, over which he would cast his spell

Hal’s roses are new to he, included, when he bought his place

They blossom now, brightening the day for all to see, an example of God’s grace

Hal is still here, he wrote this poem, roses and poem in a rat race

All the others have gone now, they left this world to be free

But I say, they are still here with you and me, in memory and beauty, which we still can see

Eleanor’s azalea, Aggie’s trees and Norman’s Black-eyed Susans still shine and grow for we


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