Cleaning! My Top 10 Cleaning Products & Five I Can’t Do Without!

OK, some folks like cleaning.  I hate it! I mean I like it when it is done!  But, doing it for me is a rarity and requires a serious fire to be lit under my butt, to do it.  I can bring procrastination to a new level when it comes to cleaning! I never wake up and say, “I think I will wash the windows” or, “I’m going to vacuum the living room and dust.”

Recently I moved and I had to clean! I tried to hire someone to help me, but, she was a no show!  Crap with a capital CRAP!  I had to do this myself!  So here are some cleaners that I like if I have to do it and some attitude tricks that made it easier for me.

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They say “attitude is everything” and I guess it is.  You can make yourself miserable with your attitude and the opposite it true.  You can convince yourself that you are going to enjoy anything, including cleaning!  Just don’t keep saying things like this sucks, and I hate this!  If you say I will get this done and it is not so bad.  You can get through it, and actually convince yourself to enjoy it.

The new place I moved to was a shock to me.  I liked it and did not realize how much there was to clean.  A quick walk-through and home inspection did not visually tell me the whole story.  The couple that owned the place I purchased, had a heavy smoker in it!  You would be amazed the amount of nicotine and smoke residue on everything.  After my first day of cleaning, I got back to my old place and smelled like a tar and nicotine coated ashtray, it was in my hair and in my clothes.  I was really bummed out.  But I knew I had to clean, it is mine now, so I told myself that I could do it and that it was worth the effort and it would be great once I was done.

I washed the entire two bedroom home; walls, windows, cabinets, woodwork, bathroom, floors, light fixtures, appliances, ceilings and everything else and now it is beautiful.  I don’t have to feel skeeved out by what was on these surfaces.  (If you are a smoker you should consider quitting, you can’t wash your lungs with Murphy’s Oil Soap, ya know!)

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Anyway these are the cleaners I used, I recommend and suggest them to you folks, one and all!  If you like to clean, or not.  These did a good to great job for me!  I will tell you about them a little and give you some of my tricks in the process!

Hal’s Suggested Cleaning Products:

Bon ami Earth Friendly Polishing Cleanser – this is a powder that cleans sinks and has a little abrasive tooth to it.  It is white and does a great job, I like it because it is environmentally friendly and not too abrasive, and a little goes a long way!

Comet SprayGel Mildew Stain Remover – this is amazing stuff, I use this in sinks and showers, I spray it on and let it sit.  I may use some elbow grease with it or just let it sit overnight.  It gets rid of mildew and makes the surfaces the color they should be, easily!  Highly recommended!

Fantastik – Antibacterial Heavy Duty Cleaner Spray – this is a great cleanser, it has been around forever and for good reason.  If this won’t clean something try Windex.  There are several products that if one doesn’t work try another.

Goo Gone – removes Grease, Gum, Stickers, Crayon, Tape – this has that citrus smell and is kinda oily.  You are going to need to clean the GooGone off the spot once you have gotten the grease, gum or what ever off of.  But, it really works for many things!  After I use it I clean up the GooGone residue with Fantastik or Windex.

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Lime-Away Spray – this is for lime buildup on faucets, toilets, shower heads.  It does a good job.  You should use it before you have a really significant build up, for best results.  If you have a significant build up spray it on and let it soak, maybe cover the area with a paper towel and soak the paper towel with Line-Away and let it sit on top of the for a while.  Then take an old toothbrush and work on the buildup after it has soaked.  It will work, now remember this and don’t let the lime buildup get so far next time.

Lysol Disinfectant Cling Gel Toilet Bowl Cleaner – a chemical that does the work for you, but you still need to brush!  I put it in the bowl, brush and let it sit for a while to give it time to disinfect all the surfaces!

Mr. Clean Multi-Surfaces Antibacterial Summer Citrus – This stuff is great!  If I were to limit myself to only one cleaner this would be it!  You dilute it and it is still strong!  It is an all around cleaner, I have used it to clean my toilet on occasion!  Highly recommended!

Murphy Pure Vegetable Oil Soap Multi-use Cleaner Spray – another miracle cleaner!  It comes as a concentrate and you can dilute it into a spray bottle yourself.  If you do this, it will save you money.  This is the stuff I cleaned the cigarette stains off my wood with!  Did a great job and my place smelled great as the result of it!  Highly recommended!

Pledge with Future Shine Floor Finish – the floor in my new place was old!  And it needed work, first I scrubbed it with Mr. Clean Multi-Surfaces Antibacterial Summer Citrus, I mean with a brush, on my hands and knees.  Then I mopped it with water till the water was clear.  At this point I was ready for the Pledge with Future Shine Floor Finish – I sprayed it on and gave the floor 2 coats, it was shiny, really shiny – now I have to wear my sunglasses in my kitchen!  It is great stuff!  Try it, Highly recommended!

Windex Original Glass Cleaner Spray – this is another one of those you cannot do without!  I am thrifty but this is a brand that deserves respect and I buy the Windex not any other window cleaner!  I cleaned my lamps, fixtures, appliances, windows (including trim) and it took the tar, nicotine and dirt off them all.  I used a cloth rag for the serious stuff and then threw out the rag when it got too dirty.  For the windows I used paper towels.  Strong stuff, it is recommended because it does a great job!  Highly recommended!

In closing, I want to say that there are a bunch of cleaners out there.  If you have one to suggest please do so in the area below! If any cleaner you use, can do the job and make a hard job easier that is what we need to know about.  Keep a good attitude about everything you do!  It will make the job easier and more enjoyable!  You owe it to yourself to be happy so look for the positive in everything, even cleaning!

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Please help us by shopping at Amazon through this link! Thank you!

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