Bob LeFish is Back to Do his Thing! He insists He is Ready for Action!

Bob, Bob LeFish here!  How ya doin’?!?!  Finally writing again! This human jackass, aka. Hal, has had me penned up in my tank, since we moved.  I’ve wanted to write some stories and let folks know what is going on.  But no! I also know there is a pond here that I can swim in and yet he has been busy doing and not letting me do anything other than my tank security work.  I know it is a new place and security needs to be established but all work and no play makes one or two an angry fish, if you count my buddy Mike DePleco!

Oh yeah, and what about the videos, we were just getting going and then, nothing!  I have an audience, which demands my work!  People like Mike and my singing and our valuable insights into life!  We have suggestions to contribute!  At least that human, nut job, you know Hal, has continued to feed Mike and me.

So I am back noe, and what I want to talk about is my origin.  As many of you have read, from my earlier stories I swam here from Thailand.  When we were moving I discovered a fossil of one of my early relatives.  His name was Bob as well, but, he spelled it backwards.  He was handsome like me and left me some big fins to fill.  He could sing, swam like Michael Phelps, he could write stories that would make you laugh and think.  Quite an aquatic guy.  Like I have said, I some big fins to fill.  So I just wanted to tell you all I am back and I wanted to show you that fossil of Bob.  And, I wanted to mention that, I told Hal that I will be writing and doing videos again or he will become a fossil.  And I will take over the whole operation!

So it is great to see you all again and I am back! Hope all is well with you and I will keep you posted!  If you are not a fan on Facebook yet, please become one!  Thanks and enjoy!


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