Seasoned Mac Guys Weigh in on the New iPhone 4 and its iOS4 Software

I am a Mac Guy in case you have never read any of my stories about Macs, PCs and electronic devices in general.  I supported about 350 Macs at a large newspaper until the economy got bad and some down sizing occurred.  I got my first Apple/Mac device in the early 80s and I was hooked and have been since then.  I have a few Macs that I use now and an iPhone.  I love them all! I did not get a new iPhone when they came out with the latest model because my current phone can run the new iOS4 software.  And the 3G iPhone I have does everything I need.  Apple makes good devices and they last.  They often will accept software upgrades and just keep working.  I was really bummed out recently when my 10 year old PowerBook failed and failed for good!

I love Apple, like I said earlier, and the upgrade to my iPhone from the iOS3 to iOS4 went smoothly.  Apple has these thing figured out very well!  It took about an hour and a half to do the update and re-populate my phone with all my apps and data.  But it was worth it!   It seemed faster to me, my phone is the 3G, the oldest phone that will take this OS update.  Its display seems to be enhanced and richer.  Mail is better and shows emails together if they are from threads of exchanges, which is handy.  Lots of the apps I had, needed updates, and they were available.  I did have a problem, however, and to be honest it scared me!  My phone got locked and the touch screen would not work.  Crap!  I was on the road and crap!, my phone would not work.  When I got home I did a restore and I was back in business and still am!  Knock on wood!  I love this technology and working with the changes and the fixes that ultimately need to be done!  Thank heaven it was an Apple product, the stuff works, and solutions are thought out and simple.

My buddy Ed got a new phone and here is what he has to say about it: I have to admit that I’m a sucker for all things Apple and when my wife suggested that (for my 60th birthday) I upgrade from my original iPhone to the new iPhone 4 I jumped at the chance.   One part of me was jumping through hoops the other part said… it’s just a phone.  Well folks it’s not just a phone… it’s fast and it’s sleek and it’s fun.  It does everything the old phone did… but better.  I can still check my assignments, email etc…. but now I can actually stream my out of town music stations in the car… the volume seems a lot better…. and the new features are more user friendly.  Except for the problem with your hand interfering with the antenna (which the rubber accessory bumper will fix) the phone is very impressive.  Apple should pony up and just give the bumper to new buyers… that may happen when a class action suit arises. As Bob LeFish might say, “The iPhone 4 is swimming!”

So there it is, Ed and I have weighed in on the iPhone, new and older! Apple makes things that work and is the source of ingenuity and progress in this digital modern age.  If you get any Apple product you will love it!  It may take a little time if you are new to them but it is sooooooo worth the switch. and I thank Ed for his input  and 4G box photo, here!  You Da Man!  And yes, Bob LeFish wants an iPhone 4, so he can start making his own videos!

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