I Grill Year Round on my Small Electric Grill and I Love it

steak and grill

There is nothing like a nice steak cooked on the grill. Or maybe some chicken, or some hot Italian sausage.  I’m getting hungry writing this.  I have had lots of grills, charcoal and gas grills as well as electric grills.  I like to cook outdoors and there are some great tastes that come from an outdoor grill, but in the fall and winter there is something to be said about being warm inside while you cook on your electric grill.

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I have had 2 electric grills, or as people say George Foreman type grills.  I have seen his grills and they look OK, neither of mine were his, but I am sure his are fine.  I had a no-name brand and it worked fine, but I had to get rid of it.  The grill plates that cooked the food stayed on the grill and it was difficult to clean.  Not being able to clean the grill well really bothered me.  And when I used the grill it smelled like other food I had cooked in the past.  And, since I was not able to clean this grill, washing it as I would have liked to, I felt like I was cooking on something dirty.

open grill and plates

So, I had to get one that had removable grill plates, this way I could take them off and wash them like other dishes, pots and pans.  I am very happy with the electric grill I have and I wanted to make some suggestions about indoor grills and grilling.  I will tell you that my grill is made by Hamilton Beach.  The model is Hamilton Beach 25285BH Indoor Contact Grill with Removable Grids it costs about $40.  And yes I would recommend it to anyone.

I just read some reviews of this grill and many others agree that this grill is the one to go for.  I got lucky when I selected it over some other grills in a store.

General Suggestions about electric grills and indoor grilling:

  1. People suggested to get an electric grill that has enough wattage to really heat up and cook your food with grill marks and browning of meats.  I’m not sure how many watts my grill has but it cooks the food well.
  2. Make sure the grill you have has enough space to cook what you want to cook and that there is enough room on your counter that you can open the grill.  There should be enough room so that the hot plates of the grill do not burn other things that are on the counter, especially the electrical chord of the grill.
  3. Make sure there is air space above the grill when you cook so that you are not heating up your cabinets.  Some folks put the grill on the stove to use the vent fan.
  4. My grill is small and easy to move and store, I take it out when I need it, when I am done I wash it and put it away.
  5. Most grills have ridges that help the food cook and brown, they also provide drainage of fats and other juices to a catching device, drip pan or into the sink.  I don’t like the idea of letting drippings go into the sink or trash this is a bad idea, don’t do it.  Juices and fats may be flammable and make your trash more flammable and if you put it in the sink you are asking for a clogged sink.  I have a removable drip tray that catches the juices and stuff.  I take this tray out and pour these juices into a coffee can, I store the coffee can in the freezer and when it is full I discard it with the trash.
  6. My grill has one temperature and I am used to cooking with it, so I know how long to cook stuff.  Some grills have different temperature settings, these grills should come with a book of suggestions about cooking times at different temperatures.  All grills come with manuals and many come with cookbooks.
  7. Grills get hot, really hot and can burn you.  Steam comes out from between the grill plates when you cook things and this steam can and will burn you too.
  8. My grill has a non-stick cooking coating on the grill.  I believe this is common.  You want non-stick grill plates when considering a grill.
  9. My grill has removable plates that are the grills that cook my food.  I had another one that had plates that stayed on the grill, you had to try to clean the grill while it was still warm and it never seemed clean to me.  As a matter of fact, this is why I bought the grill that has the removable grill plates.  I can take them off the grill, let them soak in the sink softening up the cooked on food and juices, and then I can clean them just like any other pan, being careful of the non- stick surface.  I know I mentioned this above but it is important and was the reason I purchased and keep using the grill I enjoy today.
  10. When I am done cooking with my grill I unplug it.  I let it cool down while I eat.  Then I wash my other dishes first and then I soak my grill plates in the dishwater to soften the cooked on food and juices.  The food and juices come off easily after the plates are soaked a while.  I use a wet paper towel to wash them so I don’t scratch them up with something abrasive.
  11. Look at or read the manual that comes with your grill. It will give you cautions and safety instructions to help you enjoy your grill and be safe while doing it.

Enjoy your grill all year round and be safe doing it.  Feel free to comment or add other suggestions here.  If you use an electric grill and have a recipe you would like to submit please feel free to email your recipe to hal@friendlysuggestions.com

Be well!

Please help us by shopping at Amazon through this link! Thank you!


2 comments for “I Grill Year Round on my Small Electric Grill and I Love it

  1. Adrian
    October 23, 2009 at 1:26 pm

    Mmmmmmm…..That’s a yummy looking steak!!

  2. suzanne
    October 24, 2009 at 2:31 am

    I also am a fan of the convenience of the electric grill, but there is nothing like a steak cooked on a real grill! If you ARE going to cook a steak on an electric grill, I would suggest getting a steak with some fat rather than a lean steak, as much of the fat cooks off and drains away on an electric grill. Nobody likes a dry steak!

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