With Love: A Story from the Streets Told to Help Others

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The other day I was out and I struck up a conversation with this young lady.  She was nice to talk with, but after I was talking with her for a while, I realized she was troubled.  We are all troubled from time to time, no way around it, it is a part of life.  I have spent a good part of my life looking for the answers to life’s mysteries and found them in some unexpected places.

We all have something to contribute to the greater good and this is a story that is very special and kinda magical.  I originally heard this from a homeless street person and that makes it all the more magical.  I do not know whatever became of this homeless guy but his story helped me and many others that I have shared it with, over the years.  I wanted to share it here, so here goes.

There is this family, a mother, father and a son.  The mother and father have an engagement to attend and they are going to leave their son at his grandfather’s house for the afternoon.  The boy is very excited since whenever he goes there and visits the grandfather, he lets the boy decide what they are going to do.  So, the parents drop off the boy and the boy is making many requests of things to do to the grandfather, let’s go to the park, let’s go to the zoo and on and on.  The grandfather is in the middle of drinking his coffee and reading the paper and wants to finish these things before he and his grandson do anything.

After more attempts of the boy’s persuasion, the grandfather comes up with an idea to take up some of the boys time, giving him the chance to finish reading.  The grandfather rips a page out of the paper that he is reading, the page has a picture of the world on it and he tears the page into pieces.  He then gives the pieces to the boy with some scotch tape and tells the boy “when you are done putting the world together we can do whatever you want”.  The grandfather thought this would take a lot of  time for the boy to complete.  After a very short amount of time, the boy returned to the grandfather and said “I am done” and handed the world all taped together to the grandfather.  Now can we go to the park, the boy asked?  The grandfather was astonished at how quickly the boy had put the world together, so he asked the boy how he did it.  The boy said “when you gave me the pieces of the world to put together, I noticed that there was a picture of a man on the other side and when I put the man together the whole world fell into place”.

The idea is that, if you put yourself together, your world will fall into place.  That’s kinda how things go, if I do what I am responsible for, a lot of times things do fall into place.  When I try to control outcomes, situations and things that are out of my control I become frustrated and fragmented like the guy on the ripped up newspaper page.  Sometimes it is not easy to focus on myself, me, doing the right things to have the world fall into place for me.  But, it seems the best way and the only way to have my world fall into place.  If it works for me, hopefully, it will work for you.  If you put yourself together, your world will fall into place.

So I hope you enjoyed this story, it is one of my favorites, I hope it helps you and that you share it with others.  I also hope your sharing it helps others in the process.

Be well!

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