So, You have a Hot Laptop, Does it get too Hot for Your Lap?!?!

Recently a friend of mine, Debbi, asked me about her new laptop. “Hey Hal, sorry to bug you again, but… being the virgin laptop owner, is it normal for it to get so freaking hot on the bottom after running for awhile? That being said.. man I love this thing! :)”  (Debbi has just gotten a new Apple MacBook Pro)

Hal’s suggestion: Debbi, I’m glad you asked, they do get hot! There are little feet on the bottom of them and they raise the bottom of the laptop off the hard surface they are supposed to be on. Never sit with it on your lap, on the couch or in bed with it. The fabric directly on the bottom will cause the laptop to get too hot and it will/could shut down or damage it. That is a fast processor in there and it is hot and needs the little bit of air flow under the unit, to cool it down. There are even some mounts/lifts that you can put the laptops on that raise it up on. with an ergonomic tilt..  Some have fans in them to cool the bottom. If it is getting too hot and they do get hot you should let Apple know. But, I bet if you keep it on a hard flat surface when you use it, you and the laptop will be fine!

Debbi replied: ooooh boy glad I asked you! I’ve been sitting it on soft surfaces (myself included) lol. Geeze, Hal, you are a fountain of information! Thanks again 🙂


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