Someone Suggested to Me that I Dye My Hair, So, I did!

Last year, about this time my dear friend Russell died after a long struggle.  He died from Scleroderma, a terrible disease!  At his funeral, his mother, who I love and have known for 40 plus years grabbed my ear.  Russ’ Mom has always spoken her mind, when it came to anything, on any topic and without any filtering.  She is direct and funny! And she always tells me what she thinks about my appearance, weight and anything else she feels like sharing.  But, she is very funny when she does it! At my Dad’s funeral last year, it was my weight and she hit the nail on the head.  She said “that is quite a front porch you have there” and I replied, “hey check out my back porch”  and, I showed her my butt!  We all had a good laugh over it.

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At Russell’s Funeral, my hair was gray and it made me look older.  Maureen (Russell’s Mom) suggested, since I was looking for a job, I should dye my hair!  She does her hair and she thought it would make me look younger.  Everyone wants to look younger, unless you are young then you want to look older, one of life’s weird juxtapositions! So, we had a good time joking about it, but, I gave it some serious thought.  And you know what!  I decided, what the hell, I will try it!  In addition to Maureen, other folks were making subtle hints.  One day I was in a store with a friend and the salesman referred to me as my buddy’s father.  I still take ribbing for that one.

So I floated the idea of dying my hair by some of my friends.  Another buddy of mine had dyed his hair for years, he said “cut it and dye it and no one will know.”  My neighbor, Katie, dyes her hair red and it is beautiful.  I asked her about dying my hair, and she said she would do it for me!  I had to think some more, I don’t know, I see a bunch of people on a regular basis and I will feel self-conscious when I see them.  My buddy who had dyed his hair for years told me his tips on how to do it.  He even recommended a brand and bought me 2 boxes of the stuff!  So as the result,  I had the dye now, but did I have the guts!?!?  Well one night I said to myself silently and aloud, go for it!  It was New Years Eve and I decided to start the new year with darker hair and I did just that!  I got the stuff ready, as was suggested by my friend.  Said what the hell a few more times and did it!  I felt funny doing it!  I wasn’t dying it blond , purple or green, I was dying it my original color.  It looked better, different and I looked younger.  Someone told me that I looked 15 years younger, without me having to pay them!  My neighbor Katie told me that I looked hot and referred to me as a hottie!  This hair dying stuff is OK, in my book.  But, these were friends, what about my casual friends?!?  I ran into this acquaitance buddy Bill and he gave me a look and said “what happened to your lid?”  I said “I didn’t know, I woke up on New Years Day and my hair was dark again.”  We laughed!  I got a real lot of looks at first and still do when I do a “tune-up.”  When I need a tune-up and I see Bill, I ask him if I need one.  He says, “yea, get another bottle of that sh*t for you hair, or go to Earl Shrives!”  It is July and I have dyed my hair for seven months.  I have some suggestions on what to do if you dye your hair and how to do it!  If you have the guts!

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  1. Whatever color you choose, people will see it.  If you want it to look natural avoid extreme changes and if you make an extreme change like I did stick with it and keep doing it.  People get used to it and it is amazing how many friends (guys) tell me they have dyed their hair for years!
  2. Do the timing steps to determine how long to leave the dye in your hair!  Because, guess what, if you leave it in longer the hair will get darker and darker.  And you cannot click “undo” when it comes to dying your hair!
  3. I get 2 dyings out of one package, I save the bottles and dump half into one of the old bottles and I get “2 coats out of one pack.”  My buddy taught me this and he suggested Clairol Natural Instincts for Men.  They have changed it a little recently new packaging, new color numbers and new color conditioning treatment that works really well!
  4. Bring everything you need into the bathroom with you.  I bring a larger trash can with a liner.  I follow the directions on the documentation.  I keep a close eye on the time while the dye is in my hair.  (Tip: Don’t get involved in anything else that will prevent you from rinsing the dye out at the right time.)  While the dye is doing its thing clean up the bathroom and any dye that got where you didn’t want it.  Or where your better half won’t want it!
  5. Once you have the dye it your hair add a little dye to your eyebrows so they match your hair!
  6. Once the dying time is up, or even a couple of minutes earlier, get in the shower start the shower and get the water to a temperature you can stand.  This way when the time is up you can rinse out the excess dye, on time.  I really rinse a lot, I do NOT wash my hair!  I rinse it with water and I wash the skin below my side burns and around my forehead.  (I learned this the hard way, one time I went into the bathroom after a careless rinse job and my skin was dyed too!  Crap with a capital CRAP!  I got it off for the most part with Fantastick and bleach!  Don’t want to do that again!)
  7. Once your hair is rinsed out, use the new color conditioning treatment, this will soften the hair and set the dye.  Now, I didn’t read that, but that is what it seems to do.  Ever since they added the new color conditioning treatment, the color seems to last longer!
  8. Finally, rinse out the shower, walls and curtain.  Check yourself out in the mirror and make sure the color on your skin is your skin color.  If not clean it before it really dries on your skin!

Now that you are done!  You can get distracted with whatever you want!  You will look and feel younger.  People will wonder what you did.  Most folks will think it is cool and if they don’t, you know who’s problem that is!   Theirs, that’s right, theirs!  So, life is short ,and if you want to do something, do it!  I am glad I did!  Be well!

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