Bob LeFish can Swim in Hot Water, But Some of his Friends Can’t

Bob here, you know Bob LeFish! It’s hot, even in the water, it’s hot!  I don’t care how hot it gets I’m cold blooded, so my body adjusts to most temperatures.  If my water boils or freezes, then I will have a problem.  Some of my new friends like that opossum (his name is O) that was coming to see me the other night wanted to come in and take a swim in my tank.  Hal, that jackass with ears, told my buddy the O the opossum he had to go home and get permission from his parents!

O was very upset and was hissing at Hal! I wish I could hiss.  O said he would teach me, but we have not seen him since the other night.  My tank is small and O better get back here soon, before O grows!  Lots of folks think O is ugly but he has a natural rugged beauty!  Especially at this young age, I mean look at those ears and his hairstyle!

Anyhow not much is going on!  I see these ducks all the time walking through my yard and that makes me duck, behind some rocks.  I don’t want to have any of those ducks or kid ducks eat Mike or me.  I hope Hal reads this and throws an ice cube or 2 in here.  Even though he is a jackass with ears, he is a compassionate jackass with ears!  Hey you stay cool now and remember that fish are not food!  Eat a duck, steak or a chicken!  Check out a recipe on my site for something to make.  I was originally going to call the site bobssuggestions but the jackass with ears wouldn’t let me!  Anyhow, take care and be well!

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1 comment for “Bob LeFish can Swim in Hot Water, But Some of his Friends Can’t

  1. Anonymous
    July 7, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    Hey Bob – Little O is so cute! But, I have to side with Hal on this one. I know it’s hot outside and you want to bring your new friend in for a nice swim in your tank. But, you being a betta fish-all Little O would have to do is bump your rock, knock it over and you would go into attack mode and beat the crap out of the poor little guy! Now, how would Hal explain this to Little O’s parents-that his betta fish beat up their child? Too much responsibility on Hal, my friend! My “Friendly Suggestion” to you, Bob, is if you want that new Iphone to record videos, keep your gills clean, don’t be calling Hal a jackass, and ask him what you can do to help around the house. I can guarantee you’ll be downloading new apps on that Iphone 4 in no time!
    Stay cool my friend!

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