Mini Cameras: Part Three of Three

Some people like Extremes. They like Big or Little. For those people, with a fondness for the Extreme and the Camera—we present mini cameras. Some cameras work. Some carry keys, and others; well they are just to be adored.

The Retro Mini Digital Camera isn’t out yet, But I can’t wait- It’s so tiny—hopefully it will be out soon and we’ll know how much it coast as well as where to buy it.



NEW Holga Micro 110 Pink Mini camera + FREE Fur strap .$10.00 from:

Argus qcm-099 Keychain Digital Camera. $7.24 at Argus qcm-099 Keychain Digital Camera


This is a perfect trinket for a camera collector or photographer! The shutter clicks, the back opens up(though it’s kinda difficult) and there is the little spool for the film.

Each camera comes in the original box that is in mint condition and is almost as sweet as the camera itself! Cameras are in good also, but do show a little wear due to age. These are a vintage(1960s) novelty item. $ 13.00 at


110 film in order to produce 3×5 or 4×6 pictures. For more information:

clip_image096 Lomography Diana Mini– $54.95 at Lomography Diana Mini- 35mm Camera


$7.50 by KG-Hobbie (non-working)camera at


Exemode introduces the SQ28m, a mini digital camera that lets you capture artistic and retro-style photos and videos. The pocket camera has a 1.95 Megapixel CMOS sensor that is capable of shooting 1280×1200 image and 320×240 video at 8fps.


Vivitar Mini Digital Camera with Micro Light Keychain Set $ 15.98 at

Vivitar Mini Digital Camera with Micro Light Keychain Set


Digital camera key chain. For information:

clip_image110$3.99 LED camera keychain at http://www.perpetualkid



clip_image112For more information, go to:…/archives/2006/01/


$19.99 at:


110 camera keychains at


$25.00 shipping included for any of the items shown above. Camera necklace is top left corner.

Fun web sites to consider:

To see complete 4 pages of camera jewelry at  Camera Jewelry at Amazon!

Cameras at Urban Outfitters:|-|100000000000000073877

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