Quick Suggestion: Singing Arguments with Our Partners

I have a couple friends who are a couple!  A very loving, couple.  They adore each other and are wonderful people alone and together.  I am friends with them both.  And, they have helped me increadibly with some of my challenges in the recent years. One day I asked Mike if he and Genevieve ever argued or fought about stuff.  He said that they did but very rarely!  They are very compatible.  But, when they did fight they do it by singing a mean song, about what is going on to each other. Both parties sing the argument, it is brought up in song and responded to in song.  This I think this is brilliant!

Most couples and people fight, sometimes wildly and cause a bunch of damage to each other and the relationship.  Another friend of mine says that “it is important that couples learn to fight without using the heavy artilary!”  (Like threats, yelling, throwing stuff, leaving and worse.)

That is why this singing argument is great! It makes the points but it is hard to be truly mean when you are singing about what is bothering you.  In a sense, you are confusing the psyche and who can stay mad when you are singing, especially, since many of us can’t really sing in the first place.  By the way, my friends can both sing, but singing their differences has made them stronger and not fearful of bringing things up!  In my next serious relationship, I am going to try it.  I hope that I remember to take my own suggestion, and sing my way to togetherness and issue resolution!

Try this and let us know if it works for you!

Enjoy, Be well!

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