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About six months back, I did a post on a vegetarian restaurant called Thoreau. While Thoreau is no longer in existence, the owner’s original spot, Blue Sage, is alive, well, and amazing.

Blue Sage was a saving grace for me as a teenager. As a vegetarian in the Philadelphia suburbs, there weren’t many options around. When Blue Sage first opened (about 10 years ago) – we could walk right in and get a table. These days it’s no longer a secret, and reservations are definitely necessary for dinner.

A few things I love most about Blue Sage:

1 – You get what you pay for. Blue Sage is not cheap, but they don’t cut any corners. You’ll get a filling, absolutely amazing meal with very generous portions. Most appetizers are around $10; entrees are in the $18-$21 range and “casual” dinner options in the mid-teens. Desserts weigh-in well under $10.

2 – They don’t use mock meats or tofu. Utilizing texture, spices, beans and ultra fresh produce – their meals are like nothing I’ve ever had. And they’re as lovely to look at as they are to eat. The colors and presentation of each dish makes it a treat before the first bite.

3 – Though only about a third of the menu offerings are labeled vegan, nearly three quarters of the dishes can be made vegan – and this is marked clearly next to the description of each item.

On our most recent trip, we shared the Green Curry BBQ Summer Rolls (Not-fried rice paper roll with baby spinach, Thai barbeque glazed vegetables, smoked red onion, fresh ginger and basil … with a sweet soy syrup and herbaceous dipping oil) (they had these on the menu at Thoreau, also).

We also tried Blue Corn and Asparagus Tacos – an option that traditionally contains cheese, but can be made vegan. It was stuffed with the most amazing, creamy filling – like a thick bean puree with sundried tomato flavor – and perfectly seared asparagus throughout. It comes with a cold bean and corn salad and greens.

Our main dish was the Cubano Supper – flaky, chewy little plantain pastries (like empanadas) with a creamy, decant, nutty filling. In the center of the dish is a tower of amazing yellow tomato slices and guacamole, topped with jicama slaw and surrounded in mango-papaya relish. I wish the picture did it justice.

The 45 minute hike from Center City Philadelphia is so worth it – you’ll be rewarded with inventive cuisine, a cozy BYOB atmosphere with well-informed servers AND leftovers for the next morning.

If you want to try Blue Sage on a smaller budget, I’d definitely recommend going for lunch (well, I’d recommend that for anyone, actually). Practically everything on the menu – from salads to pressed sandwiches – cost less than $11. So you can take me out to lunch.


Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille

772 Second Street Pike

Southampton, Pa 18966




Miss Rachel’s Pantry is a vegan personal chef, meal delivery, and catering company in Philadelphia, Pa, making real-deal homestyle food.  To contact her for more information, her blog is:www.missrachelspantry.blogspot.com and her website is: www.missrachelspantry.com

Editors note: We at friendlysuggestions.com are delighted to have Miss Rachel’s Pantry provide these recipes for all of us!  If you can’t make them yourself, do yourselves a favor, those of you in the Philly area, call her to make something for you, and/or have her provide some healthy food for your next party or event.

There are plenty of recipes from Miss Rachel’s Pantry at her site, but if you need or want more, check the link below!

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