Four Close Friends and Their VW Van Voyage Across the US

Editors note: This is a dream many of us have had.  To take some time to travel across the United States in a Volkswagen van with some friends.  The romance with the road is as old as the horse!  Steve Funk and his friends are going to share this journey with us.  So without further ado here we go!  Enjoy!

“In 1972 she rolled off the lines in Wolfsburg, Germany.  Thirty-eight years later, three clicks, and a winning bid on eBay Clementine was ours.  And here is where our aspirations began.

Talks arose between friends, and here is where our crew was molded. Three from Philadelphia, PA, and one from Norfolk, VA.  Our Journey would consist of a fifty-three day road trip around the United States. We planned on visiting friends, national parks, cities, and any other location that struck our fancy along the open road.


Philadelphia, PA

Norfolk, VA

Corolla, NC

Charleston, SC

Cumberland Island, GA

New Orleans, LA

Mount Taylor, NM (Cibola National Forest)

Petrified Woods, AZ

Grand Canyon, AZ

This is are current Itinerary, it changes throughout, places are added, or taken away based on weather and other factors that change throughout the trip.

We will also be traveling to California, Colorado, and others up North.  I will send you and updated Itinerary as we find out a few new spots.


Steve Funk: If having a job could consist of traveling, adventures, and making friends all over the world sign me up!  As many of you know this usually isn’t an option in the classified section, but you know what I say, I will make my own section.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel many places especially at the young age of 25.

After completing my Bachelor of Science in Education at Millersville University, I taught photography and woodworking in a New Jersey high school for two years. Here is were my interest in photography began. With a high respect for the education world, this past year I decided to change directions and allow myself a little more freedom, with this time I can travel and have the chance to experience different occupations, while hopefully, through photography and writing I can inspire others to see more, or at least live vicariously.

To all that follow thank you.

–All my best

Steve Funk

For more information about Steve and his journey with his friends and Clementine visit his site at:

Steve’s complete bio:

The place to see more pictures and get more details about this journey:

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