Update: Hal’s Rolfing Adventure: Rolfing is Structural Integration Through Soft Tissue Malipulation

A few of my friends have asked me, how is the Rolfing going and am I still going through the structural manipulation?  So, I wanted to tell you all, what is up with that!

Yes, I have continued, I go to Patty every other week. When I am there Patty looks at me walk and move and she evaluates my progress.  Then she tells me what she will be working on that day and what she sees, in terms of the structure of my body in the area we are going to work on.  So in my earlier story I talk about the first 3 sessions and here I am going to talk about sessions 4 through 7.  I have made excellent progress and my back rarely hurts these days.  I am going to stay the course on this “Basic 10 Series” for several reasons.  One, I am much better than I was with my back, as I mentioned.  In addition I am much more conscious of how I sit and carry myself which was a major contributor to my pain in the first place.

So, Sessions 4 through 7:

Session 4: We at this session go from the superficial fascial planes to the body’s active core.  These are areas close to the spine and body’s midline.  This included the legs to a great degree because of the role they play supporting the pelvic floor.  It was simple and very deep, I have gotten used to the pain and pressure to a degree.  And since it is helping me I kinda dig it.  I actually on several occasions slip into a meditative state, which I come out of and am groggy and dizzy from it.  Patty always makes sure I am OK by watching me walk afterwards.

Session 5: This session is basically a continuation of the 4th session.  But it gave my body the time it needed to learn what it had received in the 4th session.  This session continuing worked on muscles deep in my abdomen, around crucial organs.  Again there was a minimal amount of discomfort and this work to my core really has helped me.

Session 6: This session works on the balancing of the pelvis.  It focused on releasing the muscles under the buttocks.  This is all about integration of the human structure.  And getting me back there!  I feel that my balance and the smoother way my body carries itself is improved as the result of these sessions.

Session 7: In this session Patty worked on my neck and spine to balance the upper muscles of my pelvis so I could truly carry it horizontally.  She worked on my skull and face which is to open me for better breathing.

I have to admit that when I am done with these sessions I feel wonderful.  It is not massage it is structural manipulation.  Patty told me that “Massage is like a tune-up and Rolfing is an overhaul.”  I was ready for this overhaul and am delighted that I am doing it!

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I’m gonna Rolf on with Patty and my bad self!  And I will keep you informed of my progress!


Patty Murphy completed her massage training at Somerset School of Massage Therapy in 2002 with training in Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, Hydrotherapy, Prenatal Massage and Reflexology. Over the years she expended her knowledge to include Morpho-Lympho Drainage, Neuromuscular Therapy, CrainoSacral Therapy, Neural Manipulation, and more.

If you would like to contact Patty Murphy, Certified Rolfer please call her toll free number at 1-877-641-5708, e-mail her at rolfingbypatty@yahoo.com

And please visit Patty’s website at – http://www.rolfingbypatty.com/index.html

To learn more about Rolfing in books, click here!

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