A Monopod is a Great Help in Taking Pictures with Big Lenses

union soldiersDid you ever see those professional photographers at sports events taking pictures with the really big lenses.  They run around taking pictures with tiny little cameras connected to these huge lenses and to keep them steady many of them use monopods.  I always thought that monopods were kind of silly.  Earlier this year I bought a long lens, a professional telephoto lens from a photographer friend of mine.  One day I took it out and was taking some pictures with it and after a while that lens was a lot to handle.  I felt silly about the idea of me buying a monopod at first but after trying to hold that lens up for and hour, I though I have to get a monopod.  Even though I am not standing on the sidelines of a football game or shooting birds in the wild for a magazine, a monopod might be handy and it is worth a try.  So I looked on line, and since I have a Canon camera and lenses I decided to see if I could get a Canon monopod.  Guess what, Amazon had a Canon Monopod, great!  So I clicked my order in.

flag girl

And now, I have a monopod and I am proud of it.  I used to only have a tripod, which I only used on rare occasions and only indoors.  When I take my Canon Digital SLR and its long lens out for the day I put it on the monopod and even though I felt funny at first, it is worth doing.  I like it for many reasons.  Once my monopod is set to my height, it is ready for easy viewing through the viewfinder. And, I have the stability and support for the camera and lens through the ground and my monopod.  It is awesome, the lens can be still almost immediately and I can concentrate on what I am photographing.  I am 6’ 1” tall and this monopod telescopes to the perfect height.  And, there is a little more height there in case I grow a little.  It telescopes down easily for storage and carrying.  The top mount swivels and it has a strap for your hand with a cushioned grip on the pole for comfortable holding, especially in the cold.

fire truck

This monopod I would recommend to anyone who wants to hold long lenses for long amounts of time without fatigue.  Even if you don’t need to hold your camera and lens for a long time, the stability of this monopod has enabled me to focus on shooting pictures and not worry about shaking and movement of the camera and lens.  If you like taking pictures and have some long lenses you should consider a monopod.


My monopod, which is a great piece of equipment is the Canon Monopod 100, it cost me about $40 – a good deal!  Here are some monopods at Amazon.

The parade pictures were taken with my Canon camera on my monopod.

Be well!

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