The Journey Begins, Philly – Norfolk

The school year comes to an end, only creating new beginnings. With a rush to move all of our belongings from our apartments things become fuzzy with one object clearly in focus…our departure.

As with any big trip there is always something to slow you down; a small delay on cosmetic body work on the van just added to our list of events leading up to the departure, keeping us a little more scattered than anticipated. With great excitement, around 9:30 pm Eastern Standard time we left Philadelphia in our rear-view and embarked.

I-95 it was, on to the South. Traveling through 495 and 13 we eventually stopped off and caught a little sleep in the parking lot of an animal hospital sometime around 12:00 am, or no it was 1:30am, or was it 2:30, wait time doesn’t matter when you have the freedom of having all the time in the world.

Sometime early in the morning, thanks to the rising sun, we woke and made our way South toward Norfolk to make our pack stronger by one. Here, after “navigating” the streets of downtown Norfolk for a bit, we arrived at our first destination. Our purpose here was to make finishing touches to the van and pick up the third member to the crew, Shawn, Ryan’s brother.

With an apathetic approach, we attacked a new day with repacking the van and organizing the large amount of bags, books, instruments and a variety of cooking gear. All of this was of course preceded by a trip the Taylor’s hardware store, then a quick run to the bottom dollar grocery store. These two details may seem minor but I felt a necessity to mention the man at bottom dollar. His ride was a 1970 VW bus, his passenger…. a stuffed bear. Weird.

Next Stops

Corolla, NC

Charleston, SC

Cumberland Island, GA****


Steve Funk: If having a job could consist of traveling, adventures, and making friends all over the world sign me up!  As many of you know this usually isn’t an option in the classified section, but you know what I say, I will make my own section.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel many places especially at the young age of 25.

After completing my Bachelor of Science in Education at Millersville University, I taught photography and woodworking in a New Jersey high school for two years. Here is were my interest in photography began. With a high respect for the education world, this past year I decided to change directions and allow myself a little more freedom, with this time I can travel and have the chance to experience different occupations, while hopefully, through photography and writing I can inspire others to see more, or at least live vicariously.

To all that follow thank you.

–All my best

Steve Funk

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