Lady Of Leisure: Blue’s Clues, Chuckee Cheese, Sleepovers and the Perfect Jinx

For 13 years, I’ve made sure that my son’s birthday was celebrated big, spending weeks planning a theme party and fun activities for him and his friends.

For his first birthday, we had the Singing Library Lady come to our house, play her guitar and sing “Wheels on the Bus,” “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly,” and other rollicking favorites. He got a toy chest full of toys. And birthday cake. And each child got a specially selected present as a favor. All this, even though the parenting books discouraged grand celebration and warned that the birthday child might freak out. My boy seemed to thoroughly enjoy it all.  I still remember him holding on to the coffee table, unable to walk but happy to stand, and swaying to the beat of the music.

At three, he was in love with Blue’s Clues. That was the obvious theme. But I couldn’t find anyone who had a Blue’s costume, so I had to settle for a big, furry Elmo. He greeted my son, who was decked out in his green-striped Steve shirt, and he had the children search for Blue’s Clues.

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Lini Kadaba worked as a staff writer at the Philadelphia Inquirer for nearly a quarter century. In April, she had an opportunity to quit — and took it. Now, she’s a Lady of Leisure, or LOL for short, who lives in Newtown Square, PA. She spends her time as a full-time mom to a teenager and wife to a husband she affectionately refers to as a bossband. She also blogs, chronicling her transformation into a LOL at

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