Bob LeFish, are you Depressed or Procrastinating!?!?

Bob here, Bob LeFish, I hope you remember me! Hal is my human and he does this stuff all the time.  He has roped me into doing some videos, some singing and writing, but lately I am unmotivated to do anything!  I have writers block and as an artist I am stuck.

I need to snap out of it, the clock is running and people need and want to hear from me and see what I am doing.  I have kept doing my tank security job and I still hang out with my buddy Mike DePleco but other than that, nothing!  Well, you know, Mike and I sing Happy Birthday almost everyday to fans and friends but other than that nada, zilch!

Maybe I am depressed, I saw this ad on TV about depression, I don’t know if fish can get depressed?!?!  I’ve heard of fish swimming up stream, getting caught, getting caught in nets, getting into hot water, and getting into trouble.  But getting depressed I don’t know!?

Or is it procrastination?  I have heard of this, but I didn’t know fish could procrastinate.  I knew we swim, eat flakes and other stuff, but not procrastinate!?!?

I think I am over thinking this, I should read that advice from Dr. Lazarus on procrastination and see if I am procrastinating.  Either way his suggestions could help motivate me to get busy and do what I need to do and help me provide what my audience needs to see.

So, I am going to commit to doing one article a week!  Sorry to all you loyal fans all 36 of you!  Here we go, a motivated fish will not let you down.  You will be hearing from me soon!



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