This Mac was Signed by the Team that Developed it

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Macintosh computers are the cutting edge.  They always have been. Macs are beautiful pieces of art. They have always been.  Early on, when Apple started making the Mac, Apple had the folks that were working on them sign a template which embossed their signatures into the cases of some  Macs.  Apple saw the Mac as a piece of art and wanted the signatures in the machines the way an artist signs his art. This template was made part of the casing in the Mac Plus and early Mac SE.  So there were a bunch of signatures that were embossed in the case.  And, yes both Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak’s signatures were included there.  This is a great piece of Apple history.  Apple has continued to evolve and get better and better.  There were some rough years, lots of we Mac folks were worried, but when Steve Jobs returned there was a new enthusiasm.  Steve has a spark and his spark ignites a spark in the mind and heart of the Mac user community.

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Steve Jobs is behind the design and guiding of many Apple products including the Mac.  Apple stock is one of the highest priced stocks out there.  I have been a Mac guy since I bought my MacPlus in the early 1980s.  Lots has changed since then, and it has gotten better and better.  I guess there have been lots of changes for computing in general.  Windows has made advances as well.  It seems that they (Apple and Microsoft) both steal ideas from one another.  But, Apple with its hardware and software control over the design of both has been the leader in innovation, with style and functionality.  And, with the new Intel Processors in the newer Macs and the ability to run Windows on them, Mac is the best and most versatile machine out there.

People always say that Macs cost too much.  Well you get what you pay for.  The Mac OS is made to run on the Mac hardware, it didn’t need to be adapted for it.  Windows will always have a place in all our lives, like it or not.  Today’s Macs are great machines to run Windows on.  You can run the Mac OS and the Windows OS side by side if you need to or want to.  Apple and the Mac will be a major part of the driving force in creating something new and making innovation for the future.  This said, “I’m a Mac” – please return here often to see my latest articles about Macintosh and Apple products.  I plan to do a review of Snow Leopard in the next few weeks.

Be well!

Here is a link where you can see the signatures and more information on the signed MacPlus machines.

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