I Used to Refuse to Ask Directions, Now a GPS Tells Me Where to Go

Being a guy, I love to drive, I drive places where I have never been. I hate asking for directions and most time I used to refuse to do it.  Aren’t there a bunch of stories and ongoing jokes about guys never asking for directions.  I also hate to get lost.  It seems the more important it is to be some place the harder the place is to find.  And when you get desperate enough to ask directions, you can’t find anyone to ask and you get more lost in the process of looking for someone.

I have a GPS now! So I don’t have to ask directions.  I plug this unit into my cigarette lighter in the car, the unit finds a satellite, knows where I am, and once I put a destination in the unit and it calculates a route, and tells me where to go.  Some people have wanted to tell me where to go and have, but this device is amazing.  I really rely on it! No more getting lost and being too cool or too proud to ask directions at a gas station.  If I stray from the suggested directions of the unit it gets a bit annoyed and says in a pissed off voice “Re-Calculating!”  It narrates me to my destinations.  I can change the voice to one that appeals to me.  I can set destinations in several ways. By address, and if I don’t know an address but I know the name of the place which I want to go to it will often find it that way, by name.  These GPS things are amazing!  I have lots of friends that have them and we all wonder how we ever got around without them.  I have a Garmin unit and it is super!  You can update maps periodically since streets are added and change.  A friend of mine just got a TomTom, and it has lifetime map updates, that’s all the updates for the unit, forever!

You should get one for yourself and other members of your family. This way, they can find where they are going safely.  Before I got this GPS I used to use my iPhone, which has a GPS as an application (Maps) in it, but, it didn’t speak the directions and the small screen was dangerous to look at, as I drove.  So I highly recommend that you consider a GPS for yourself and family members.  I think they all do the same things as long as you get a name brand.  I use mine all the time and so will you!  Enjoy and be well!


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