Lady Of Leisure: Work, Part II: Unpaid, Is Volunteering Anti-Feminist?

When I left work, priority No. 1 was to volunteer more at my son’s school. It didn’t take long — all of a couple of weeks — before the PTA moms homed in on me. Now that I wasn’t working, how about taking on the newsletter and publicity for the various parent activities and fundraisers?
I was all smiles on the way to the volunteer altar.

Sunday, I worked on cutting and pasting copy for four hours straight. I was still in my pajamas at lunch time — which caught the attention of the resident teen, who makes sure to remind me whenever I grumble about stuff I have to do that I’m supposed to be retired.

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Lini Kadaba worked as a staff writer at the Philadelphia Inquirer for nearly a quarter century. In April, she had an opportunity to quit — and took it. Now, she’s a Lady of Leisure, or LOL for short, who lives in Newtown Square, PA. She spends her time as a full-time mom to a teenager and wife to a husband she affectionately refers to as a bossband. She also blogs, chronicling her transformation into a LOL at

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