Our Site FriendlySuggestions.com is One Year Old! Happy Birthday!

It’s our anniversary and we are delighted to be doing what we are doing!

Hopefully we are making a difference!

And it is our desire that, what we cover, write about and post is fun and has purpose!

It certainly has purpose for us!

Here is a brief progress report:

• Over the last year Hal and other friends got busy writing, editing and creating for daily postings.

• We discovered that getting noticed on the internet takes work and lots of it.

• We post stories, recipes, reviews, poems, pictures, film, music and album reviews.   There are suggestions, quick suggestions, cool emails, technical reports, short stories and so much more.  There is literally something for everyone, young and old.

• We have serious topics, like nutrition and mental health written by a nutritionist and several world renowned psycho therapists.

• We have a number of people including a vegan chef contributing restaurant reviews as well as recipes.  Some recipes are old family recipes!

• There is humor via email as well as the senses of humor brought out by friendlysuggestion.com’s contributors and writers.  Not to mention the writing and video of Hal’s betta fish Bob LeFish.

• We post stories and things that people like and we wish more people knew about us.  So we added a page on Facebook, we now have 548 fans.  And are hoping for more and trying to win support everyday!  Please share our site and Facebook page with your friends and ask them to “Like” us on Facebook!  To join us click here!

• 5722 different people have seen our site, from all over the world.  We severed up over 34,000 pages.  We want to grow and need your help to do that!

• We are developing a Newsletter and will be sending that out soon.  This way, if you miss a story we will give an overview of what is happening at friendlysuggestions.com and it will be easy to access with links to the site.

People who have visited our site have said:

“ It’s Delightful”  “It is amazing”  “I can’t believe you did this, it’s so professional”

“You need to do more with Bob LeFish, he is cool”  “I loved it!”

So give us a shot at growing!  Let your friends know about friendlysuggestions.com!

Please post this birthday wish to your wall!

And thank you for your visits!   Thanks, enjoy and be well!



1 comment for “Our Site FriendlySuggestions.com is One Year Old! Happy Birthday!

  1. sue
    September 24, 2010 at 11:04 am

    Happy Birthday! Friendly Suggestions, and many more to come!

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