MLB in October: Memories of Fall Seem to Last a Lifetime

The MLB Postseason starts today and to me there is not a better professional Postseason in sports.  The Super Bowl may garner the highest rating each year and the NBA may have the marquee stars, but players like Kirk Gibson & Bucky Dent, though not Hall of Famers, will forever be remembered for what they did in October.

From the walk-off homeruns to Bill Buckner’s error to the Boston Red Sox rallying from a 3-0 series deficit, these memories seem to stick with us more so then any other.  When you think of the Super Bowl, you think of the Green Packers, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Joe Montana, and, recently, the New England Patriots.  With the NBA, it’s the Lakers, Celtics, and Michael Jordan.  Yet with MLB, the list can go on and on and on.

I’m keeping this one short and sweet because I suspect there will be more to write about soon. Can the Phillies win their second World Series in 3 years?  Can the Reds pull the major upset?  Can the Yankees repeat?  Can the “feel good” Twins knock off the Evil Empire?  Can Bobby Cox make it back to the World Series in his final season with the Braves? Can the Rays win it all before the team is dismantled?  Can Cliff Lee dominant again?  Can the Giants’ pitching carry them to the Championship?  This questions will be answered over the next month but the excitement and drama that go with the answers are what will stay with us.

Baseball in October, and this year November, is special.  Enjoy!


Tom Glatz, Bucks County, PA

I’ve lived in the Greater Philadelphia Region my entire life and have been watching/following sports since I was 5 years old!  I have grown to love all that is Philly sports – Phillies, Flyers, Sixers, Eagles, Big 5, Army-Navy, etc.  I love talking/chatting sports with those who like or hate the Philly teams.  I tell it like it is, whether in favor of our Phillies or in favor of those DAMN YANKEES!  😀

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